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"YAMADA Cup eSports Tournament",eSports"Tekken7"


YAMADA DENKI Co.,Ltd. will host the " YAMADA Cup eSports Tournament " for the popular fighting game "Tekken 7" by Namco Bandai Entertainment Inc.

Preliminary rounds will be held throughout Japan.

The "YAMADA Cup eSports Tournament" will be held at Yamada Denki stores nationwide on Saturdays or Sundays from May to August 2019.

Players who make it through the qualifying rounds in each region will face off in the finals on August 24.

The locations, dates, and application deadlines are as follows

Host district Date Location (Store) Application Deadline
Kansai Preliminary Round Saturday, May 25 LABI1 Namba Monday, May 20, 23:59
Kyushu Preliminary Round Sunday, June 2 YAMADA Fukuoka Kashii Store Monday May 27, 23:59
Kanto Preliminary Round Saturday, June 15 LABI1 Japan Sohonten Ikebukuro Monday, June 10, 23:59
Tohoku Preliminary Round Sunday, July 14 LABI Sendai Monday, July 8, 23:59
Hokkaido Preliminary Round Saturday, July 27 Tecc Land Sapporo Main Store Monday, July 22, 23:59
Chubu Preliminary Round Sunday, August 11 LABI Nagoya Monday, August 5, 23:59
Same-day Preliminary Rounds and Finals Saturday, August 24 LABI1 LIFE SELECT Takasaki Monday, August 19, 23:59

Only for the Kanto Preliminary Round, there will be two slots for two divisions.

Total prize money worth 2 million JPY

The top finishers in the "YAMADA Cup eSports Tournament" will receive gift certificates as prize money.
The prize money amounts according to the rankings are as follows.

Prize Money (Gift Certificates)
Total 2,000,000 JPY equivalent
First Prize 1,000,000 JPY
Runner-up 500,000 JPY
Third place 200,000 JPY
Fourth place 100,000 JPY
5th/6th place 60,000 JPY each
7th/8th place 40,000 JPY each

In addition to the prize money, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. will provide an original T-shirt as a special prize for participating in the qualifying tournament.

The T-shirt will be designed by illustrator "jbstyle." and will feature an illustration of "Julia," a playable character from the 8th paid DLC.

The prize will be given to players who pre-registered and participated in the tournament on the day of the event.

YAMADA Cup eSports大会オリジナルTシャツ

Pre-entry is required to participate.

To participate, you must pre-register on the official page.

Participants must be 15 years of age or older and able to participate in the finals. Foreign nationals must be able to communicate in Japanese.

The Steam version of "Tekken 7" will be used in the tournament, so if you bring a controller, you will need to confirm that it can be used with a PC.

For more information on the tournament rules and regulations, eligibility requirements, and entry, please visit the official YAMADA Cup eSports Tournament page.

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