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Recommended by Arashi's Aiba Masaki ! "DAIYAME"Japanese Sweet Potato Shochu with lychee-scented!

Recommended by Arashi's Aiba Masaki  !

Many members of Saiga NAK editorial team loves liquor. Since the Corona disaster, drinking parties have become less frequent, but when the opportunity arises, we enjoy a light party after work in the office.
I many kinds of Japanese sake i like Sweet Potato Shochu DAIYAME the most.
DAIYAME made by Hamada Shuzo, a shochu manufacturer founded in 1868 and headquartered in Ichiki-kushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

DAIYAME made by Japanese Sweet Potato and it smells like lychee.
Arashi's Aiba Masaki introduced "DAIYAME" on a TV program! An unprecedented "DAIYAME" boom has arrived!


Aiba likes to drink it with a little soda!

DAIYAME was introduced on the September 22, 2022 (Thursday) episode of the popular TBS TV program "Sakurai/Yoshiyoshi The Night Party".
The program was a 2-hour SP featuring Aiba Masaki.
The program was full of highlights, including a surprise trip by Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki for the first time in 11 years, so if you missed it, be sure to catch it on TVer, the official civil law TV streaming service!
You can watch it until Sunday, September 29, 2022.

Scenes from "Sakurai & Ariyoshi: The Night Party

DAIYAME" appeared in the middle of the program.
When Aiba-kun visited the Yakai House for the first time, he brought a gift: "DAIYAME"!
Aiba chose DAIYAME for Sho-kun, who loves shochu, and everyone gathered at the Yakai House drank it the way Aiba recommended: with a little soda.
The refreshing lychee flavor was highly praised by not only Sho-kun but also show host Hiroyuki Ariyoshi,Sawabe from Haraiichi, Ogata from Panther , freelance announcer Aika Kanda,Miyu Ikeda from Michyopa, and other Yakai House members.
According to Sho, even Aiba, who does not have a strong image of shochu, was captivated by the taste, and access to the site from all over Japan was so intensive that for a time it was difficult to access the official Hamada Brewery website.

Since Mr. Aiba recommends "DAIYAME," we thought that those who have never had it would be curious about it.
DAIYAME can be purchased from the official Hamada Shuzo website, Shochu.Life, or at your local supermarket, liquor store, or other liquor retailer.
DAIYAME is also popular not only in Japan but also in other countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, as well as in Europe, where the alcohol content has been set to 40% to expand its potential as a cocktail ingredient.
We hope that those who do not drink shochu very often, or even those who are not good at it, will take this opportunity to try DAIYAME at least once!
For more information on the product, please visit the "DAIYAME " brand website!

In the video released on the official TBS Yakai channel before the program aired, the cast members are seen making the "DAIYAME High Ball," a soda mixed with DAIYAME in the Yakai House kitchen in a friendly atmosphere.
Be sure to check it out while sipping the same DAIYAME as Aiba and Sho!

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The hama rice field making alcoholic beverages to which regularity is selling "that wasn't liked rather,-DAIYAME-" for the potato shochu which smells

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