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Collaboration between Koda Shuzo and Calbee! Eat "Oake Ashi no Tobi" Best Pairing Set!

濵田酒造とカルビーのコラボレーション!「おさけあわせのたび ベストペアリングセット」を実食!

Hamada Shuzo, a shochu maker that has made its presence felt in the gaming industry by collaborating with games and anime and sponsoring RECOILR, a music distribution event using the Unreal Engine, has created a lychee-scented sweet potato shochu called "DAIYAME~. DAIYAME
DAIYAME" has collaborated with Calbee to produce the "DAIYAME Best Pairing Set," which we recently featured on Saiga NAK.

Calbee is a well-known snack food maker that produces many classic snacks such as "Potato Chips" and "Kappa Ebisen".
Recently, they collaborated with Monster Hunter Rise to produce "60g Monster Hunter Chips Usu-Shio Flavor," which was sold exclusively on Amazon.co.jp.

And now, Hamada Sake Brewery has kindly sent us this one!
Thank you so much for your continued support of the previous "DAIYAME" set!

We will now taste them to see what kind of marriage they will create!

Contents of the set

Saiga NAK編集部

The sake will be "DAIYAME".
It is made from sweet potatoes that have been aged using a unique aging method to fully extract their aroma, and has a mysterious lychee-like aroma.

The content is 720 ml, which is a good size to keep in the refrigerator.

Three Calbee snacks
Saiga NAK編集部
  • Beniharuka Sweet Butter Flavor 20g x 6 bags
  • Mugen Potato Chips Scented Chicken Shio Flavor 20g x 6 bags
  • Kappa Ebisen Takumikai Umino no Mosio-Shio Flavor 18pcs.

These snacks are carefully selected from those sold at Calbee Marche mail-order stores and Calbee Plus stores, which are more particular about ingredients and manufacturing methods than those sold at regular convenience stores and supermarkets.
The Hamada Sake Brewery and Calbee carefully selected the sweets that go best with DAIYAME, and these three were chosen.

Benefits for purchasers
Saiga NAK編集部
  • DAIYAME Original Coaster
  • Jagariko lid

This is a rare privilege available only to those who purchase this set.


Cheers to the Daiyame Highball!
Saiga NAK編集部

Since the last time we tasted it, the members of the Saiga NAK editorial department have been completely captivated by DAIYAME.

We would like to start with the "DAIYAME Highball," which is a mixture of DAIYAME and soda water, and enjoy the marriage of each snack.

Kappa Ebisen Takumomi Umihito no Mo-shio Flavor

かっぱえびせん 匠海 海人の藻塩味
Kappa Ebisen Shoukai Umihito salt flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

Kappa Ebisen is made with natural shrimp from the Seto Inland Sea and "Kaijin no Mo-Salt" produced on Kami-Kamikari Island in Kure City, located in the beautiful waters of the Seto Inland Sea.

かっぱえびせん 匠海 海人の藻塩味
Kappa Ebisen Shoukai Umi-no-Salt Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

Each piece is divided into small portions.

かっぱえびせん 匠海 海人の藻塩味 開封
Kappa Ebisen Takumikai Umino no Mosio-Shio Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

They are larger than regular Kappa Ebisen.

Kappa Ebisen Takumi Kaijin no Mo-shio Flavor and Head Coach
Saiga NAK編集部

It has a strong shrimp aroma and a very elegant taste.
The saltiness is moderate, but it is a nice accent.

The head coach is very pleased with his drink.
Saiga NAK編集部

It is a little hard, so chew it well.
You will be able to chew more of the shrimp flavor.

Daiyame highball and head coach
Saiga NAK編集部

The shrimp aroma will spread in your mouth more when you drink the "Dayame Highball".
The lychee's fragrant aroma will also be combined with the shrimp and you will experience a moment of high quality healing.
This is what we call a marriage!

Mugen Potato Chips Aromatic Chicken Shio Flavor

無限ポテトチップス 香ばし鶏しお味
Mugen Potato Chips Scented Chicken Shio Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

This is a potato chip version of the "Mugen recipe" that became popular after being introduced on SNS.
The flavor of sesame oil has been enhanced to make the chips even more flavorful.
The package design has a strong impact with its Japanese taste.

無限ポテトチップス 香ばし鶏しお味
Mugen Potato Chips Scented Chicken Shio Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

The chips are divided into 20g portions.
It is good that it is a good size to eat.

無限ポテトチップス 香ばし鶏しお味 開封
MUGEN Potato Chips Aromatic Chicken Shio Flavor Open
Saiga NAK編集部

Upon opening the package, the aroma of sesame oil is very fragrant and appetizing.

無限ポテトチップス 香ばし鶏しお味 実食
MUGEN Potato Chips Aromatic Chicken Shio Flavor Taste
Saiga NAK編集部

They are thicker than regular potato chips.

Happy Minato Ward boys
Saiga NAK編集部

While the Kappa Ebisen mentioned above had a gentle flavor, these are wild and thicker.
The thicker slice allows you to enjoy the flavor of the potatoes without being overpowered by the "Mugen Recipe" seasoning.

Daiyame highball and Minato Ward Boys
Saiga NAK編集部

Since the flavor is so strong, you can enjoy a refreshing taste if you drink a "Daiyame Highball" after eating it.

Beniharuka Sweet Butter Flavor

べにはるか スイート・バター味
Beniharuka Sweet Butter Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

Beniharuka" produced in Kagoshima prefecture is used, which is characterized by its yellow color, elegant sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

べにはるか スイート・バター味
Beniharuka Sweet Butter Flavor
Saiga NAK編集部

Similar to the "Mugen Potato Chips Scented Chicken Shio Flavor," these chips are divided into 20g portions.

べにはるか スイート・バター味 開封
Beniharuka Sweet Butter Taste
Saiga NAK編集部

When you open the package, you can smell the sweet aroma.

べにはるか スイート・バター味 実食
Taste the sweet butter flavor of Beniharuka.
Saiga NAK編集部

They are about the same size as Jagarico.

Head coach in a good mood
Saiga NAK編集部

Unlike the two snacks mentioned above, this one has a strong sweet flavor.
The addition of butter and honey to the beniharu gives it a very rich flavor.

Minato-ku boys (tentative) receiving a cool compliment from the head coach
Saiga NAK編集部

Because of its sweet taste, it goes well with "Cool DAIYAME", which is a cool DAIYAME that is cooled down to a crisp and drunk straight.
It is like eating dessert.

Minato-ku Boys (tentative), all made up with cool daiyame
Saiga NAK編集部

Incidentally, this "cool daiame" way of drinking was invented by the chef-sommelier of a five-star hotel in Paris, France.
Now that you mention it, it does go well with a glass of wine.

The aroma is so good that you will want to drink more and more of it, but be careful not to drink too much, because it is a potato shochu and has a higher alcohol content than wine.

Purchaser's benefit

DAIYAME Original Coaster

だいやめ~DAIYAME~ オリジナルコースター
DAIYAME Original Coaster
Saiga NAK編集部

DAIYAME" is printed on the cork material.

The simple design gives a sense of luxury.

When using this coaster, use a transparent glass to bring the coaster's design to life!

Jagariko lid

Jagariko Lid
Saiga NAK編集部

Jagarico is difficult to close once the lid is opened, so I had the impression that it was not a good snack for when you want to eat just a little bit.
But with this lid, even if you don't finish eating it, you can enjoy it the next day without getting damp!

Jagariko Lid
Saiga NAK編集部

The lid is labeled "L size", but it could be used for regular size as well.


3 snacks and a Daiyame highball
Saiga NAK編集部

The "Osake Awaase no Tabi Best Pairing Set" is an affordable 4,000 yen (tax included) set that includes three types of carefully selected, high-quality sake and sweets, plus a special collaboration bonus that you can only get here.
The Hamada Shuzo online store " Shochu.Life " is the only place to purchase this limited-quantity product, so don't delay!

How about a reward for your hard work this year?

Calbee will continue to collaborate with attractive local sake breweries to create a new marriage of sake and snacks.
As a sake lover, I am delighted to be able to rediscover the charms of the region through these collaborations.

I can't wait to see more collaborations in the future!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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