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Open beta test of "Bomber Girl" starts on PC version Conaste! Because it is limited time, hurry!


How did everyone spend the holiday season from 2020 to 2021?
I think many of you stayed at home this year and played a lot of games.
I live alone, so I completed "Zelda Warriors: Apocalypse of Evil" on my Nintendo Switch, but I'm sure some of you enjoyed playing party games with your family.
Speaking of games that can be enjoyed by everyone, Konami's "Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei, 2025 - also a classic! ~The "Bomberman " series is another game that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, isn't it?
The latest title in the series is " Bomber Girl, " which is currently available in arcades, but until now it has not been playable at home.
However, the open beta test of "Bomber Girl" has now started on the PC version of KONASTE!

What is "Bomber Girl"?

Bomber Girl

Bomber Girl " is the latest title in the Bomberman series, which has been available in arcades since August 2018.
However, it is not just an arcade version of Bomberman, but a cooperative action game that can be played online in 4 vs. 4 matches.
The characters are not the round Bombermans of the past, but rather beautiful girl characters based on popular games such as Bomberman.

Bomber Girl" is a game that has been getting a lot of attention for its guest appearances by " Shiori Fujisaki " from "Tokimeki Memorial" and " Pastel ", the pilot of the Winby from the Twinby series.
Players can choose from four different roles: Bomber, Attacker, Shooter, or Blocker.

The game is very complete and interesting, with character-specific skills, player-to-player chat, player classes, Bomber Girl ranks, etc., but some of the "mmmm" effects make it difficult to play in an arcade, and the game is not suitable for home-players. However, it is also a game that many people have said, "It's hard to play in an arcade because of some "mufufu" effects.
The purpose of the open beta test on the PC version of Konaste is to test the functions, operation, server load, and other aspects of the game in preparation for the official service, so fans can rejoice!
For more information about "Bomber Girl," please visit the official site!

Get ready to play!

"ボンバーガール コナステ"オープンベータテスト
Bomber Girl Konaste" Open Beta Test
"ボンバーガール コナステ"オープンベータテスト

To play "Bomber Girl Konaste", you will need a Windows 10 PC to download the installer.
Please note that the game cannot be played on PCs running OS other than Windows 10 or other game consoles.
Please refer to the "Bomber Girl KONASTE" Open Beta Test Operating Environment page for the recommended operating environment.
If you do not have a KONAMI ID yet, please create one from the My KONAMI page.
After creating your KONAMI ID, your e-amusement pass must be set to " Referenced." From the e-amusement pass menu, select " Register e-amusement pass to KONAMI ID " or "Switch referenced e-amusement pass. Switch e-amusement pass " from the e-amusement pass menu.
If you do not have an e-amusement pass, an e-amusement pass (virtual) can be issued and used.
Please log in to e-amusement for more details.

Bomber Girl Konaste" is partially linked to the arcade version of "Bomber Girl".

  • Player Name
  • Character and items (skills, dress-up parts, titles, chat) you have acquired
  • Girl Rank
  • CP
  • Event progress (if the same event is held)

The above items will be linked to the arcade version, but new characters and items will be implemented before the arcade version, so there will be a period of time when characters and items acquired in the arcade version will not be available in the KONASTE version.

Conversely, the following data will not be linked to the arcade version

  • Player class
  • Customization settings (skills, dress-up parts, chat voices, profiles)
  • Progress on the way to earning titles
  • Best single battle score

For more information on how to play, please refer to the "Bomber Girl" Open Beta Test " How to Start the Game " page.
There are many differences between the "Bomber Girl" Open Beta Test and the arcade version, so be sure to check the "Bomber Girl" Open Beta Test " Differences from Arcade Version " page carefully before playing!

Limited time only from January 5th to January 12th!

Now that you're ready to play, let's get to it!
The Open Beta Test of "Bomber Girl" for PC will be held for one week only, from Tuesday, January 5, 2021 to Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 5:00 a.m., so there is no time to relax!
Bomber Girl Konaste" requires 5 "Play Tickets" to play, and during the Open Beta Test, 10 Play Tickets, enough for 2 plays, will be presented to you, so you can play 2 games for free!
After you finish using your free play tickets, you can continue to play by purchasing play tickets at the " Purchasing Department ", but the play tickets for the Open Beta Test can only be used for the Open Beta Test!
Even if you have extra tickets, you will not be able to use them when the game is officially released, and you will not be refunded for the extra tickets.

January 5, 2011Problems are occurring!

There seems to be some kind of problem when I tried to play.
As of 16:00 on January 5, 2021 (Tuesday), the first day of the "Bomber Girl Konaste" open beta test, we have confirmed that there are some problems with the game not matching properly.
As a result, "game launch" and "purchase of play tickets (purchasing section)" have been temporarily suspended.
While it is unfortunate that you will not be able to play immediately, there is nothing better than being able to play stably!
While we await the resumption of service, our support and thanks to the Konami staff for their hard work! Keep up the good work! Konami Staff!

For more information on the progress, please check the "Bomber Girl KONASTE" Open Beta Test page and the official Bomber Girl Twitter account (@bombergirl573 )!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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