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MMORPG "Code: Dragon Blood" series event "Beautiful Summer" starts! Reprint costumes also appear!


Tencent Games' blockbuster smartphone MMORPG " Code: Dragon Blood "
The worldview and storyline, which is set in a near-future Tokyo and depicted with detailed graphics, have attracted a lot of attention, haven't they?
The other day, a new main storyline was unveiled, and new characters have been introduced to the game, which must be very exciting for players.
The "Code: Dragon Blood" series event " Beautiful Summer " started on Thursday, July 28, 2022!


A summer story of Dragonsblood like a beautiful firework display! The "Beautiful Summer" series of events has started!

シリーズイベント"美しき夏"PR TIMES

The "Beautiful Summer" series event will be held from Thursday, July 28 to Wednesday, August 17, 2022, and if you log in every day and achieve a certain level of activity, you will receive a "Core Lv.11 Exchange Ticket", "Dragon Firefly", "Innocent Blood Source Stone &", and "Dragon Firefly". quot; "Dragon Descendant Gene" and "Summer Night Star Ticket".
In addition, the "Star of Summer Night Ticket" given as a login bonus can be used to obtain rare items such as "Icon - Hamster's Vacation," "Icon Frame - Summer of Orange Melon," "Title - When Fireflies Dance," and "Core Lv. 10 Exchange Ticket". The "Core Lv. 10 Exchange Coupon "" can be exchanged for rare items, so don't miss this opportunity to log in every day and receive all the login bonuses!

Also, from Thursday, July 28 to Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the " Blue Wind Chime" event, the " Dango Mobilization" event, and the "Ace Cargo Handler" event will be held!
By participating in each event and completing the missions, you will receive " Summer Night Star Tickets ", experience points, and coins, so be sure to participate!

Limited Time Event at the Shopping Arcade!

The limited time event "Treasures of Time" will be held at the shopping street! Get the reissued outfits and hair ornaments!

"時の秘宝"開催!PR TIMES

From July 28 (Thursday) to August 24 (Wednesday), 2022, the " Whisper of the Wind" and "Silent Galaxy" series costumes and hair will be available in the shopping arcade for a limited time!
The period is about a month, so if you were not able to get them last time, don't miss this opportunity.
In addition to the reprinted outfits, "Shoulder Decoration - Pale Words of Love," "Hair Decoration - Chanting Like a Song," and "Icon - Dandelion Promise" will also be available.

The "Piece of Time" can be obtained by purchasing the "Treasure of Time" that is now available.
You can exchange them for the "Whisper of the Wind" costume, the "Silent Galaxy" hair ornament, the "Sweet Core" costume weapon, etc. If you can't get the item you want, you can exchange it for something else!
Also, up to 99 daily limited edition Treasures of Time can be purchased each day.
The daily limited edition Treasures of Time can be purchased up to 99 items each day, and the indefinite limited edition Treasures of Time can be purchased up to 300 items per day.

Win items for training dragon descendants! A new event "Dragon Feather Darts" will be held!

From July 28 (Thu) to August 9 (Tue), 2022, " Dragon Descendant Training Items"" such as "Dragon King Gene Sequence," "Dragon Blood Crystal," "Golden Dragon Descendant Skill," and "Flower of the World" will appear in a limited event. will be available in the limited event!
In addition to dragon descendant training items, you can also win rare items such as "Icon - Warm Snow Season", "Chat Bubble - Fruit Candy", and "Icon Frame - Nyan Star Reinforcement"!
Take advantage of this opportunity to obtain rare items such as dragon descendant training items!

New season of "Battle Medal" starts!

新シーズン"バトルメダル"スタートPR TIMES

A new season of " Battle Medals" started on July 28, 2022 (Thursday)!
If you participate in the events and successfully raise your activity level, you will be able to level up your Battle Medal.
In addition, rare items such as "Costume - Mode Street," "Facial Decoration - Mode Street," "Icon - Full of Paw Pads," "Icon Frame - Cool Lemon," "Chat Background - Wish Cherry Blossom," and "Dragon Slayer medal" and other rare items!
In addition, from Thursday, July 28, 2022 to Wednesday, August 3, 2022, limited-time offers such as "Companion Benefits," "Special Commemorative Benefits," "Certificate of Achievement Benefits," "Glittering Mark Benefits," and "New Dawn Benefits" will also be available! The "Companionship Award", "Special Commemorative Award", "Certificate of Achievement Award", "Shining Mark Award", and "New Dawn Award" will be available!
And if you log in for a total of 5 days after purchase, you will receive items such as "Sticky Note of Time", "Icon - True Meaning of Gourmet", "Icon Frame - Sweet and Sour Time", "Earring - Golden Bird", and "Necklace - Beautiful Pearl"! You will receive these items!
The purchase event will end on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, but if you have already purchased the items, you will receive them until Wednesday, August 10, 2022, so be sure not to forget.
The "Dragon Slayer Medal" of this season can be exchanged for the same quantity of the "Dragon Slayer Medal" of the previous season.

The "Beautiful Summer" series of events will run until Wednesday, August 17!

Summer events have started one after another this summer!
The series event " Beautiful Summer " will be held until August 17, 2022 (Wednesday).
This event features many rare items that will only be available for a limited time, as well as reprinted costumes, so be sure to run until the event period ends!
For more information about the "Beautiful Summer" series event, please visit the official "Code: Dragon Blood" website.
For the latest information, please visit the official "Code: Dragon Blood" Twitter account (@CodeDragonBlood) for updates!


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MMORPG for blockbuster smartphones "Code: Dragon Blood"...

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