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Earn coins with payment and return them to the game! "GAMING CARD" appeared from Credit Saison!

支払いでコインを貯めてゲームに還元!クレディセゾンから「GAMING CARD」登場!

There are many opportunities to make online payments for game-related purchases, such as downloading games, purchasing in-game content, and shopping for game-related devices.
Some shopping sites limit payment methods to creditcards, or require payment with a credit card in order to purchase CERO Z titles.
Many of you may already have a credit card, but if you are going to use it, don't you think it would be better to get a good deal on games if you are going to make a new card?
Credit Saison has introduced the "Gaming Card," which allows you to earn "gaming coins" that can be exchanged for items related to games !

Earn Gaming Coins based on the amount you pay!

Many credit cards allow you to earn points for each card you use and save money, don't they?
The " GAMING CARD" is a gaming-specific credit card that allows you to earn " Gaming Coins" (hereinafter referred to as "GC") depending on the amount you spend, which can be exchanged for gaming-related items!

ゲーミングコイン イメージ
Gaming Coin Image

Not only game-related payments, but you can also earn 1 GC for every 100 yen (including tax) you spend using the "GAMING CARD".
In the example shown on the official website, if you spend 8,000 yen on game software, 40,000 yen on a school commuter pass, and 2,434 yen on spacha on video sites in a month, totaling 50,434yen, you will earn 504 GC.
I wonder where he is commuting to and from with 40,000 yen for a one-month commuter pass?

GAMING CARD usage image

You can exchange your saved GC for various gift codes that can be used for games, energy drinks, etc.
One unit of 500 GCs can be exchanged immediately, so this will come in handy when you want to get your gacha on right now!
The items that can be exchanged will be added as they become available, so you can save up for the items you want, or exchange for items you need each time, depending on your gaming lifestyle!

Easy application with the app!

"GAMING CARD"アプリイメージ
Image of the "GAMING CARD" application

The "GAMING CARD" application is available for iOS and Android, allowing you to apply, check your usage status, check your accumulated GC, and redeem items.
It is nice to be able to manage everything centrally, and it also helps prevent overuse if you can check it with your smartphone, which is always close at hand.
Currently, only iPhone devices are supported by the application, but Android devices will be supported gradually in early December 2020, so Android users will have to wait a little longer!

The card itself does not seem to shine?


The "GAMING CARD" is a gaming device, so you would expect it to glow, wouldn't you?
The " RazerCard " prepaid gaming card introduced on Saiga NAK previously had a model with a glowing logo when the payment is made, but the "GAMING CARD" does not seem to have any glowing parts as far as we can see from the design.
If it does not glow, it may be a bit of a disadvantage for a gaming device, but it may glow in real life!
If you are interested, why don't you apply for it?

The first illuminated prepaid card - RazerCard

Plan accordingly!

Although the "Gaming Card" is a very convenient and economical credit card, if you use it incorrectly, it may be irreversible.
Please check the official website of the "GAMING CARD" for information such as the timing of GC grant, differences in GC accumulation depending on the payment method, and the date of withdrawal for the amount used before applying for the credit card.
Not only are many new game consoles and the latest hot game titles on sale, but the year-end and New Year holidays are also a time when there are many payments to be made.
Why not enrich your gaming life by saving up for a GC with the amount of money you spend?
For details, please check the official "GAMING CARD" website!
The application is only available through the app, so iOS users can download the app from the App Store, and Android users can download it from Google Play ( support scheduled to begin in early December 2020) and apply for the card!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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A must-see for gamers! Credit cards for a comfortable gaming life! For the first time to m...

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