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Breaking more than two years of silence, Cygames reveals new information about Project GAMM, a completely new action game for consumers!

2年以上の沈黙を破りCygamesのコンシューマー向け完全新作アクションゲーム「Project GAMM」の新情報公開!

AAA titles, which are produced at great expense with large volumes, beautiful graphics, powerful sound, etc., take a long development period because of their sheer size. However, the game is so enjoyable to play and the feeling of satisfaction upon completion is so great that I can't sleep with my feet turned toward the developers. However, I can't sleep with my feet on the ground because of the excitement and satisfaction I get from playing and clearing a game. This is especially true when it comes to titles that have not been announced since their release. One title that you may be particularly interested in is "Project GAMM," which will be announced by Cygames in May 2021. The main staff, the fact that it was a completely new consumer action game with a royal fantasy theme, a key visual, and some game screens and image art had been announced, but there had been no further news for over two years since then. Many people expected that there would be more information at the "Tokyo Game Show 2023" in September 2023, and prior to the show, new information about "Project GAMM" was released!

Cygamesが魔術師世界が舞台のコンシューマー向け完全新作アクションゲーム「Project GAMM」を発表!

Official title & new artwork released!

GARNET ARENA: Mages of Magicary


ARENA: Mages of Magicary

The official title of "Project GAMM" is " GARNET ARENA: Mages of Magicary The official title of "Project GAMM" will be "GARNET ARENA: Mages of Magicary" (GARNET ARENA: Mages of Magicary)! The first letter of each word is " GAMM ", so it looks like the abbreviation will be "GAMM" in the future as well. With the catchphrase " This is the most beautiful battle in the world. It was announced that the game would be a royal fantasy with numerous magic spells performed by wizards in "Noir," a magical world of sun and rain, with the catchphrase, "This is the most beautiful battle in the world. It has also been revealed that it will be a consumer multiplayer action game based on the concept of elegance, beauty, and flashy, pleasurable battles. Of course, the official title of the game is not the only thing that has been announced; concept art and game screens have also been released, so be sure to check them out!

Concept art

Concept Art
Concept Art

Game Screenshots


"Cygames Exhibition Artworks" is now showing the video!

This is the first additional information since May 2021, so it's not just the announcement of the official title and the release of new art...! In addition to the concept art, the latest video has been shown at the " Cygames Exhibition Art works," which is being held at the Ueno Royal Museum from September 2, 2023 (Saturday)!

This latest video is only available at the "Cygames Exhibition Artworks" and can only be seen by visiting the exhibition hall, so if you are interested in more information, please be sure to visit the exhibition! The "Cygames Exhibition Artworks" will be open until October 3, 2023 (Tuesday )! For more details and ticket information, please check the official website of "Cygames Exhibition Artworks". Please note that tickets will be available only at specific dates and times. Also, the "Project GAMM" teaser site has been renamed to the "GARNET ARENA: Mages of Magicary" official site along with the announcement of the official title, so please check it out as well!


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