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Dragon Quest: Your Story New Trailer Released! The Hero Marries...?

Dragon Quest: Your Story New Trailer Released! The Hero Marries...?

For all you Dragon Quest fans, a new trailer for "Dragon Quest: Your Story", set to be released on August 2nd or 2019, has been released!
We get a good glimpse at the story and the atmostphere just by the trialer, but the trailer has become more popular than expected!

About "Dragon Quest: Your Story"

Dragon Quest: Your Story is based on Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, released by Square Enix (Square at the time) in 1992.
Production and direction will be done by Horii Yuji, creator of Dragon Quest, and music will of course be done by Sugyama Kouichi.
The team also welcomes members with extensive experience, with general management and screenplay done by Yamazaki Takashi (Always: Sunset on Third Street, Stand by Me Doraemon), with supervision by Yagi Ryuichi (Friends: Naki on the Monter Island) and Hanafusa Makoto (Stand by Me Doraemon, art direction).
The cast also contains stuinng members such as Sato Ken, Arimura Kasumi, Haru (Koizora, Asa ga Kita), and Yamada Takayuki.

⚠︎Spoiler Warning!⚠︎

The following contains slight spoilers for Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest: Your Story. We warned you!
If you're currently playing Dragon Quest 5 or want to fully enjoy Dragon Quest: Your Story, we reccommend closing the page now, or viewing one of our other articles.

The Biggest Dragon Quest V Event

Before Skyrim and Fable, Dragon Quest V introduced the concept of marriage to the RPG world.

You're stuck between your childhood love interest Bianca or Nera, the heiress to a rich family. (The DS version adds Nera's sister Debora into the mix as a third option)
What's more it that each character contibutes different skills to your party, making the decision on who to marry more difficult, causing a lot of players to split into factions.

So, who will be chosen in the movie?

In Dragon Quest: Your Story, both Bianca and Nera will make an appearance, causing fans to wonder "who will it be?"
But, the most recent trailer of the game hints at who the Hero will choose to marry!

So, did you figure it out?

Dragon Quest: Your Story Trailer 2
Dragon Quest: Your Story Trailer 2
Toho Movies
Dragon Quest: Your Story Trailer 2
Dragon Quest: Your Story Trailer 2
Toho Movies

It seems that Bianca is with the hero in a fighting scene with Bjørn the Behemoose... So, maybe...?
(The fight with Bjørn takes place after the wedding)

Of course, with movies, things can change and this is just a speculation, but we think it's safe to say that the probability of the hero marrying Bianca is quite high.

Find out in Theaters!

Until the movie comes out on August 2nd, all we can do is speculate about who the hero will marry and how to story will end. Even the creator (who happens to be a Bianca fan) is excited for the release.

For more details, check out the official Dragon Quest: Your Story Move Page

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