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Open! "Osaka eGames High School" in Namba, Osaka


A social game development company headquartered in Osaka, announced that it will open "Osaka eGames High School" in Namba, Osaka in April 2020.

Students will be able to obtain a high school diploma.

"Osaka e-Games Koto Gakuin" is a credit-based high school where students can obtain a high school diploma.
While many students enroll in e-sports vocational schools after graduating from high school, students can expect to deepen their understanding of the e-sports industry by studying the field of e-sports from an early stage.
In addition, classes in specialized fields are taught by professional gamers, professional athletes, voice actors, game developers, and other active professionals, so students can take classes that are more practical.
Students can obtain a high school diploma by earning credits at the group's partner schools.

Various Curriculum to Choose From

In addition to professional gamers, "Osaka e-Games High School" offers a curriculum related to various game-related occupations, such as e-sports eventers, streamers, and game creators.
In cooperation with a voice actor office, students can also receive training in voice generation and narration necessary for game play and event MCing, and learn a variety of other skills.

Currently accepting applications for the first term of students.

"Osaka e-Games High School" will open in 2020, and is currently accepting applications for its first term of students.
The e-sports industry is expected to continue to grow in the future, and the establishment of a school where students can obtain a high school diploma is expected to broaden the path for the younger generation.
For more information, please visit the official website of
"Osaka e-Games High School".

Establishment Information
Name of school Osaka e-Games High School
(Osaka e-Games High School)
Opening date April 2020 Scheduled
Official website pre-opening on July 10, 2019
Location Directly connected to JR Namba Station, 6F OCAT Building, in Amazing Co.
School operator Amazing Co.
Representative Director Katsumi Marunaga
Number of students 25 students per grade (tentative)
Site URL https://osakaegames.com