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"FINAL FANTASY XIV" Mog Mog ★ Collection! DQ10 collaboration is also back!

「FINAL FANTASY XIV」モグモグ★コレクション開催!DQ10コラボも復活!

The popular MMORPG "FINAL FANTASY XIV" (hereinafter referred to as "FF14") has announced the opening of "Mogmog Collection" (hereinafter referred to as "Mogg Collection") and the return of the previous collaboration event with "DRAGON QUEST X" (hereinafter referred to as "DQ10")!

Both events will be held from October 19 (Tuesday), with the Mogcolle event lasting until the next major update Patch 6.0, and the DQ10 collaboration event lasting until November 11 (Thursday), a three-week period.

Redeem items in the Mogmog Collection!


Mogmog Collection is a special event held irregularly, where you can exchange various items by challenging target contents and collecting rare Tombstones.

The contents are marked with a moguri icon in the contents finder, making them easy to recognize.


This year's MoggColle will include the fashionable Efreet Jumper as an event-only item!

Both male and female avatars can wear this cool item, and it will be fun to take SS photos with it.

Even if it is not a limited item, there are items that are easier to obtain than usual with Mogcolle, so let's take full advantage of this chance!


DQ10 collaboration is back!


The DQ10 collaboration will be revived at the same time as Mogucolle!

This collaboration has been revived several times, which is great for those who have recently started playing FF14.

In the DQ10 collaboration, limited-time seasonal quests will be available for order.

The "Golems" golem minion and "Golem Mask," which is limited to the event, can be obtained by completing the seasonal quest, "The Rakemono and the Unknown Golem.

Dragon Quest fans will also be able to purchase the "King Slime Crown," a King Slime's headgear, from the NPC "Woman of the Storm" in the Uludaha: Nar Corridor (X:8.2Y:12.2).

The Dawn Moon Finale is just around the corner!


After the Mogcolle and DQ10 collaborations are over, Patch 6.0, the Dawn Moon Finale, will be released to the public.

Patch 6.0 will add a new main story, new jobs and content, as well as job system adjustments and new fields.

The volume of the main story is said to be the largest ever and the amount of voices will be 1.3 times larger.

It will be about a month before Patch 6.0, so let's prepare for Patch 6.0 while enjoying FF14 to the fullest, including the events that will be held this time!

For the latest information on FF14, please visit the official twitter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

33025「FINAL FANTASY XIV」モグモグ★コレクション開催!DQ10コラボも復活!
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