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Final trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH released! Trial version will be available from February 7!

「FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH」のファイナルトレーラー公開!体験版が2月7日より配信開始

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH " will be released on February 29, 2024 (Thursday), and on February 7, 2024 (Wednesday), a " State of Play"" featuring "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" was distributed. The 19-minute video was distributed to the public. The 19-minute "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" - State of Play" included the final trailer, a video introducing the game, and the release of the demo version!

「State of Play」が2週連続!「FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH」特集で2月7日配信決定!

"FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" Final Trailer Released!

"FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" - Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH," appeared at the State of Play to show a 4-minute final trailer and a video introducing the game. The final trailer was shown to the public. The final trailer shows the latest footage of the game, as well as battle scenes and mini-games. In addition, a Gilgamesh-like figure that has appeared in previous FF series can be seen in the trailer.


Explore the expansive world map

World Map

The vast world map of this title is made up of multiple areas that are seamlessly connected to each other, and features various means of transportation, such as riding a chocobo (familiar from the "Final Fantasy" series), baby carriage, or wheelie. The chocobos have different abilities in each area, such as riding on jet streams or overcoming mushroom footholds, and they can adapt their abilities to each terrain to help you on your adventure.

A wealth of exploration elements are now available!

Exploration Elements

The "World Report," "Anything Goes Quest," and "Summoner's Shrine" are some of the exploration elements that will be available in the game's fields. The World Report allows you to investigate the world by challenging powerful enemies and capturing chocobos, while the Anything Goes Quest allows you to delve deeper into the world and its characters. The first-ever Summoner's Shrine will also reveal elements that will help you uncover knowledge about summons that will help you obtain new summons.

Mini-games will be available throughout the world map


A wide variety of mini-games will appear throughout the vast world map. Mini-games such as 3D Battler, G-Bike, and Chocobo Race, which appeared in the original "FINAL FANTASY VII," have been re-created and will appear in the game. New mini-games have also been added to this title, so enjoy the mini-games while progressing through the main scenario!

Dating events and battles have also evolved!


Cloud's actions, conversation choices, and other factors change the level of liking that his friends have for him, and the bonds between them become important in the game. The dating events that appeared in the original version of the game also become more luxurious as the likability level increases, and special effects may be added. There are many skills that can be used between strongly bonded characters, and special effects will also appear, so raise your party level to advance the story.

The final trailer and gameplay introduction videos are available on the Square Enix YouTube channel. Check out the final trailer and gameplay introduction video to get a closer look at the full story and wait for the release of the game.

"FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" demo version is available from today!


Ahead of the game's release on February 29, 2024 (Thursday), the "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" demo version has been available for download since February 7, 2024 (Wednesday ). In the demo version, players will be able to experience the "Nibbleheim Arc" in which they can control Cloud and Sephiroth and reminisce about past stories. In addition, from February 21, 2024 (Wednesday), "Junon Area," which allows you to explore a part of the vast field, will be released as an additional demo. If you have the saved data of the demo version, you will receive the in-game item "Kupo Charm & Adventure Item Set" in the full version of the game, which can be skipped in the full version if you complete the "Nibbleheim" demo version. Fans who have been waiting for the release of this title, as well as those who are not sure about purchasing the game, are encouraged to try the demo version. For more information on the demo version, please visit the official "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" website, and for more information on "FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH" - State of Play, please visit PlayStation.Blog.


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A fireworks event for "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/REBIRTH" will be held at Expo '70 Commemorative Park on Saturday, March 23!
A fireworks event for "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/REBIRTH" will be held at Expo '7...

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE / REBIRTH - FIREWORKS & MUSIC -", a new type of entertainment combining music, lights, lasers and fireworks from the popular g

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