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The new title "FORSPOKEN" of the game studio Luminous Productions launched from the Squeni Group is announced! Scheduled to be released in 2022!

スクエニグループから発足したゲームスタジオLuminous Productionsの新作タイトル「FORSPOKEN」が発表!2022年発売予定!

Luminous Productions, a global game studio established by Square Enix Group, has announced the official title of its first game, " PROJECT ATHIA" (PROJECT ATHIA). The game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC.
The game is being developed for PlayStation 5 and PC and will be released in 2022.
The announcement was accompanied by the "FORSPOKEN" logo and a video trailer containing scenes that have never been shown to the public before.


An action RPG that makes full use of magic

FORSPOKEN, which was unveiled in June 2020 as PROJECT ATHIA, is a game development project that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5's capabilities to "fuse the world's most advanced technology and art to create a game experience unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before. The game is an action role-playing game (RPG ) that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5's capabilities and expresses Luminous Productions' philosophy of "combining the world's most advanced technology and art to create a gaming experience unlike any other.
The story follows a young woman, Frey Holland, as she uses her magical abilities to unravel the mysteries of a vast land called Arcia.

Aasia, a world of beauty and menace

In the trailer, the player can enhance her own physical abilities to run at high speed through rocky mountains and vast wildernesses, or create walls and plant-like roots in front of her to fight in battle.


Moving and fighting with magic

The trailer also shows a scene in which the player hides from a giant dragon. It will be interesting to see if there will be a time to fight in the game.


The main character is played by Hollywood actress Ella Balinska!

Ella Balinska.

The main character "Frey Holland" is played by Ella Balinska, who played the role of an elite female agent in the movie "Charlie's Ang els" released in 2019.
She is known not only for her acting skills, but also for her athletically-trained physical abilities, having performed most of the stunt work herself in "Charlie's Angels."

Comment from Ella Balinska

I have loved video games since I was a child, and this is my first time to be involved in a game production. It is amazing to see the wonderful world and story of "Forsaken" take shape and the lines between realism and fantasy blur.
Frey is real, still immature, but she is a girl who has gone off the beaten path, both figuratively and literally.
I was instantly drawn to her. I suspect that many people around the world will feel the same way as we embark on this adventure.


I am very anxious to see the visual expression that takes full advantage of the performance of next-generation consoles and the strategic combat with magical action.
Stay tuned to the official "FORSPOKEN" Twitter for more information!

Outline of Luminous Productions
Title name FORSPOKEN
Genre Action RPG
Compatibility PlayStation 5, PC
Release Date Scheduled for 2022
Price Undecided
Official website https://www.jp.square-enix.com/forspoken
Official Twitter account https://twitter.com/ForspokenJP

Luminous Productions is a global game studio launched by Square Enix Group in April 2018.
We are developing completely new consumer games and smartphone games on a AAA scale using our own game engine "Luminous Engine", and are always challenging ourselves to develop the sharpest games possible.


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