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Capcom and Niantic's "Monster Hunter Now" game is Set for a Global Release in September 2023

Capcom and Niantic's

Capcom announced the newest mobile phone game in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Now! Monster Hunter Now is a real-world hunting action game developed by Niantic, known for Ingress and Pokémon GO. Monster Hunter Now will be released worldwide in September 2023.


Monster Hunter Now Global Release Confirmed for September 2023!

Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

Capcom is the developer behind the Monster Hunter series of hunting action games. The series gained worldwide popularity with the release of Monster Hunter: World in January 2018 and has sold 18.6 million copies as of December 31, 2022.

Monster Hunter Now combines the gameplay of the Monster Hunter series with Niantic's development technology to create a new mobile phone game. Players become hunters and embark on an adventure to hunt monsters that appear in the real world.

The teaser video released features appearances by Rathalos, Kulu-Ya-Ku, and Pukei-Pukei. While detailed gameplay mechanics are not yet known, a closed beta test for around 10,000 players is scheduled to begin on April 25, 2023. You can register now on the official Monster Hunter Now website and hope to be selected!

Game Detail
Name Monster Hunter Now
Genre Real-World Hunting Action RPG
Platform Mobile phone(iOS / Android)
Release date 2023.9.14
Charge Free to play(In-game charges apply)

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