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High-speed gaming line for new life! GameWith launches high-spec optical line "GameWith Hikari" for esports!


March 2022 is already at the end of the month. In Tokyo, the cherry blossoms have been declared to be in full bloom and will soon be in full bloom.
Many of you who will start living alone this spring for higher education or employment may have already moved out and started your new life.
While you will need many things to live alone, an Internet connection is quite important.
Nowadays, mobile carriers offer high-capacity plans, and many people use tethering on their smartphones to cover the cost, but there are surprisingly many situations where a stable network is needed, such as remote work and online meetings.
And most of all, we all need an Internet connection when we play games!
Purchasing downloadable game titles, updates, etc. require large amounts of communication, and above all, network latency is often the difference between winning and losing in online play.
If you want to have a comfortable network environment, why not consider a high-speed gaming line?
GameWith has launched "GameWith Hikari," a high-spec fiber optic line for e-sports!

We have reviewed the communication speed and ping value to maximize performance!

GameWith Hikari

GameWith Hikari" is an Internet service provided by GameWith, a company that operates a professional e-sports team and knows all about games.
In online games such as FPS and TPS, a momentary lag can often make the difference between victory and defeat.
GameWith Hikari" refers to the response speed of communication. The lower the ping value, the faster it is reflected in the game, and the communication speed has been reviewed to achieve an overwhelmingly low ping value.
It provides a communication environment in which online games can be played comfortably.
There are four points that enable "GameWith Hikari" to provide such a comfortable and high-speed network.
The first is the availability of dedicated "GameWith Hikari" band width.
Basically, network bandwidth is shared by many users, so if too many communications are going on at the same time, the network will get congested and communication speeds will slow down. It is like a traffic jam on a road.
GameWith Hikari" secures a dedicated bandwidth to ensure stable communication speed without being affected by other users, even in situations where access is concentrated, such as major updates of game titles or time-limited events.

Dedicated Bandwidth for "GameWith Hikari

The second is the adoption of a new communication method that avoids congestion.
The new communication method "IPv4 over IPv6" using the DS-Lite method enables high-speed communication.
Compared to the conventional communication method, which frequently caused delays due to the increase in the number of users, this new method enables high-speed communication without congestion.

IPv4 over IPv6
IPv4 over IPv6

The third is the shortest possible distance between the game and the server, which thoroughly prevents the occurrence of lag.
By connecting directly to the cloud or provider where each game title server is located, it is possible to prevent lag when access is concentrated.

Shortest distance connection to games

Fourth, it supports malware blocking.
As long as you are connected to the Internet, there is no possibility of being infected with malicious malware.
GameWith Hikari" automatically blocks the connection to the C&C server in the event of a malware infection, preventing the leakage of personal information.

Malware blocking

In addition to games, there is nothing better than having a fast and stable Internet connection for daily use.
Slow downloads/uploads, video stops in the middle of a video, etc. can be tolerated once in a while, but if they occur frequently, the stress can be tremendous.
Although it claims to be "for e-sports," it is recommended not only for those who play games, but also for those who are considering signing up for a new Internet connection!

Now, we are running a 2-month free campaign!

GameWith Hikari" will be available from March 24, 2022 (Thursday )!
The monthly fee is 4,840 yen (including tax) for the condominium type and6,160 yen (including tax ) for the family (detached house) type...but to celebrate the launch of the service, we are now offering a two-month free monthly fee campaign!
Since spring is a time of high expenses, two months free is a very welcome campaign and easy to introduce.
The campaign ends on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, so please consider it while it's still available!
For more details, contracts, and fees, please visit the official "GameWith Hikari" website!


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