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Original God" Ver. 4.8 "Yang Xia! Evil dragon? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! was released on July 17! New character "Emilie" and new areas open for a limited time!


On Wednesday, July 17, 2024, HoYoverse will release Ver. 4.8 "Yangxia! Evil dragons? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! " update will be implemented. Ver. 4.8 "Yang Summer! Evil dragons? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! will feature a new character "Emilie", new character costumes, and the opening of a new area "Simulanka" for a limited time only.

Ver. 4.8 "Yang Summer! Evil dragons? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! New character "Emilie" will be introduced in the "Yang Summer!


Genshin Impact's latest update Ver. 4.8 "Yang Summer! Evil Dragon? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! " will be implemented on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. Ver. 4.8 "Yang Summer! Evil Dragon? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! " features Emilie, a famous perfumer from Fontaine, as a 5★ character. Emilie is voiced by voice actress Yoko Hikasa.

  • Element: Grass
  • Weapon: Long-handled weapon

A Fontaine perfumer who hides her secrets in a bottle. Emilie fights with the "Lumiduce bottle" and deals more damage to enemies in a burning state. If the enemy is burning, the rank of the Lumidus bottle will increase, dealing more damage according to her attack power and enhancing her attack range and attack speed.


エミリエ伝説任務PR TIMES

The legendary mission "Pomme de Umbra" will be released in Ver. 4.8. The mission will delve into Emilie's role as a "special cleaner" who investigates crime scenes and unravels the mystery surrounding the "Augustus" flower seed. We look forward to learning more about Emilie through this legendary mission!


"Emilie" will appear in the second half of the prayer in Ver. 4.8. In addition, "Navya" and "Nyirow" will appear in the first half of the prayer, and "Yoran" will appear again in the second half. If you missed them last time, don't miss this chance to win them.

A new area will be released for a limited time!


In Ver. 4.8, a limited time area "Simulanka" will be opened. Simulanka consists of several special areas and is an enchanting world inhabited by imaginary creatures such as origami creatures and spring-loaded dwarfs. Explore this enchanted world with Kira, Nyirow, Navya, and the wanderers as they confront looming dangers and uncover the truths and surprises hidden in this magical world.

New mini-games and themed events are also available!

イベント詳細PR TIMES

Themed events with various mini-games and great rewards will be held in various locations in Simulanka! Evil Dragon? Kingdom of Fairy Tales! " will also be held. At the event, visitors will be able to shoot balloons at the "Shining Dust of the North Wind" while enjoying a thrilling aerial tour of Simlanka, suck in as many moving wood block dwarfs as possible in the "Flying Hat Catcher," a crane-like game, and play "The Trials of Orbit Castle." Orbit Castle" and "Orbit Castle Trials" in which two teams are paired up for a battle.

By completing these mini-games, players can earn "Hoshi Tabi Coins. The "Hoshitabi Coins" can be used to acquire sculptures of different shapes and poses, which can be displayed on "magnificent shelves" located throughout Simulanka.

If you complete the main story in Simulanka, you will receive a "magnificent shelf" as a memento of the summer, which you can place in the dust song jar.

New costumes for Kira and Nyirow are now available!

Ver. 4.8 will feature new limited edition costumes for "Kirara" and "Nyirow," who will share the adventures of Simulanka.

You can invite the ★4 character "Kiara" by acquiring a certain number of sculpture models, and you can also get a new "thief" themed costume for free by collecting "Yuraku no Sansho" that can be acquired in the Simulanka area. The "Flower" is a flower that is used in the "Flower" game. In addition, Nyirow's new "flower" themed costume can be purchased from the store at a discounted price only during Ver. 4.8! Be sure to get it during this period!

The "Genshin Impact" Ver. 4.8 update will not only open up new characters and areas, but will also fix bugs and make various adjustments and improvements. Please check the official "Genshin Impact" website or official X (@Genshin_7 ) for more details about the update.


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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