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Android games on PC! Google's official Google Play Games beta version is now available!

Android games on PC! Google's official Google Play Games beta version is now available!

Today, in addition to game arcades and dedicated game consoles, we can enjoy games on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and a variety of other platforms.
In particular, the evolution of smartphone games has been remarkable. A decade ago, most smartphone games were just a tap on the screen, but now you can even play the same title cross-platform with PCs and consoles.
While it was possible to use the same account to either play on a PC or on a smartphone depending on the situation at the time for titles released cross-platform, including smartphones, games released only on smartphones had to be played on smartphones.
You may have once wished to play your favorite titles on a big screen or with a mouse or keyboard instead of touch controls, and now a divine service from Google Official is here to make that dream come true!
A beta version of Google Play Games, which allows users to play Android game titles on their PCs, has been released in Japan!

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PC with the game on your phone as it is!

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
「Google Play Games」ベータ版公式サイト

Google Play Games is a service that allows users to play Android smartphone and tablet games on Windows PCs. The beta version of the service is now available in Japan.
Play data can be synchronized between devices by logging in with the same Google account, so you can continue playing on your PC at home after playing on your smartphone when you are out. You can play Android games on the device that best suits your situation at the time, such as playing a short continuation on your tablet in bed before going to sleep.
Although the images on the latest smartphones are of course gorgeous and smooth, sometimes you want to play on a larger screen, so playing on a desktop or laptop PC screen will allow you to enjoy even more powerful images.
And PCs will also allow for mouse and keyboard control instead of touch operation!
Android smartphones can be used with a compatible mouse and keyboard connected, but the screen is a bit difficult to see and setup is cumbersome when the smartphone is placed on the stand and controlled with a mouse and keyboard.
Of course, since you sync with your Google account, you can also earn Google Play points when you make in-app purchases on your PC, so don't worry.

Minimum requirements to use the "Google Play Games" beta version are

  • OS : Windows 10 (v2004)
  • Storage : SSD with 10GB free space
  • Graphics : Intel UHD Graphics 630GPU or equivalent
  • Processor : 4-core (physical core) CPU (Intel CPU required for some games)
  • Memory : 8GB RAM
  • Windows administrator account
  • Hardware virtualization must be enabled.

Considering the Windows PCs of recent years, the requirements are not that high, so Windows users and Android users can try it right away.
Please visit Google Play's Help Center for more details on the terms and conditions of use.
You can play more than 100 titles in the beta version, including Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Dragon Ball Legends, Genshin, War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and more, so be sure to join the open beta!
Please visit the official Google Play Games beta site for more details and to download the beta version!

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