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"GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink" Teaser trailer with the latest game video & new key visual release!

「GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink」 最新ゲーム映像によるティザートレーラー&新キービジュアル公開!

Cygames presents the full-fledged smartphone RPG "Granblue Fantasy" (hereafter GBF)!
At the recently held "GBF Fest 2021," a special annual event, there was a lot of new information about the main game and related works, in addition to a lot of gorgeous events!

The release of the new edition of the action RPG " Granblue Fantasy Versus " was the talk of the town, and we'll have more information about that in a separate article!
In this article, we will introduce the latest information about the new action RPG " GRANBLUE FANTASY: Rel ink" (hereafter, GBF Relink), which is currently under development to rave reviews!

GBVS「レジェンダリーエディション」新価格版「Cygames Greatest Hits」発売決定!グラブルフェス2021発表情報まとめ

Teaser Trailer" with the latest game footage is now available!

GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink - Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer with the latest gameplay footage was released at the "GBVS / Relink Latest News" corner of the "GBF Fest 2021" held on Sunday, December 12, 2021.

New key visual revealed!


A new key visual has been released!
The main character is dressed in a new suit of armor that differs from the original GBF, Luria is praying fleetingly, and a black and silver dragon is roaring to the heavens.
It is a picture that embodies the concept of this work, giving a new angle on the series' fundamental appeal!

Two game modes

Main Story


This single-player mode depicts a new story of Granblue Fantasy set in the "Forgotten Sky" and " Zega Grande Airspace ".
The difficulty can be selected from "EASY", "NORMAL", and "HARD", allowing players to enjoy the game according to their play style! The game also includes a variety of elements for character development, customization, and item collection.



Quests are released as the main story progresses, and each quest has its own rewards.
Players will use the characters they have developed to challenge various battles. The game supports single-player as well as online cooperative play for up to 4 players! Players can also communicate with other players in the town (online lobby).

Mysterious new character "Laurent

A mysterious character who has not appeared in the original GBF, and who also appeared in the key visuals released in 2020. His name has been revealed!


Laurent (CV. Hiroshi Kamiya)

A man without talent who lives in the western sky.
He met the main characters through a certain incident.
They temporarily work together.


We meet Laurent in a remote town in the Zeega Grande airspace. He is the acting priest of the church in the town and runs a " handyman " business, supporting the protagonists in their travels.
The reason for this is because of "a purpose." ...... In the live broadcast, he was described as "an ally and a good person," but is he really ......?

Playable Character Update!


In addition to the main character and other familiar travelers, the "Four Knights" (Lancelot, Vayne, Percival, and Siegfried) have been announced as playable characters. The "Four Knights" are Lancelot, Vayne, Percival and Siegfried.

And now, it has been newly announced that " Charlotte," the leader of the Knights of the Holy Order of Lumiere, and " Yodarlaha," the aged sword saint, will appear as playable characters in the game!
These two popular Harvins from the original GBF will be joining Relink! We are looking forward to seeing how they will fight with their small statures!

Official Twitter is now open! Commemorative present campaign!

The official Twitter account of GBF Relink ( @gbf_relink_jp ) was opened on December 12, 2021 (Sunday)!
To celebrate this, an official Twitter follow & retweet campaign is underway! 100 winners will be selected by drawing for a poster featuring the new key visual!

How to apply

Follow @gbf_relink_jp
Retweet the campaign tweet

Entry deadline: Sunday, December 26, 23:59

We were becoming accustomed to hearing a progress report once a year on GBF Relink.
Now, as we approach the scheduled release year of 2022, it has been announced that the game will be available not only on PS4 and PS5, but on Steam as well!
According to what was said during the live broadcast, the "3D reproduction of GBF's unique illustrations," which had been a difficult task, has reached a satisfactory quality, and development is entering a critical stage.
For those who have been waiting so long that their necks have grown long like Mr. Lunard's, we can expect to hear a lot of new information in the near future!

Keep checking the official GBF Relink website and official Twitter ( @gbf_relink_jp ) for more updates!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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