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The first AR sports facility in Okinawa, "HADO ARENA" dedicated to AR sports "HADO" will open in April 2023 in Tomigusuku City!

沖縄初出店!ARスポーツ「HADO(ハドー)」の専用施設「HADO ARENA」が豊見城市に2023年4月オープン!

With the development of AR technology, it is now possible to experience a variety of things. The AR sport " HADO " is one of them, and it is attracting a lot of attention because of its ability to release magical energy balls and shields, and its simple rules. Monotsukku Corporation, headquartered in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, has announced the opening of a facility dedicated to HADO, a cutting-edge sport that utilizes AR technology.

Exclusive facility for AR sport "HADO" opens in Okinawa Prefecture!

HADO ARENA Tomigusuku

Facilities to experience "HADO" using AR technology, which allows players to experience actions that everyone has longed for through anime and games, such as releasing magic and deploying shields, have been opening all over Japan. Now, a new facility dedicated to experiencing the AR sport "HADO", " HADO ARENA Tomigusuku ", will open at MEGA Don Quijote Tomigusuku Store in Tomigusuku City, NAWA Prefecture!

What is HADO?

HADO, an AR sport from Japan, is currently available at 109 stores in 39 countries around the world. Anyone can easily play with a head-mounted display on the head and an arm sensor on the arm, and it is attracting attention as a simple yet profound game that is not affected by differences in naves. The rules are simple: Shoot an energy ball to destroy the opponent's life, and up to three players can play against each other!




Unlike most permanent facilities, the HADO ARENA is a specialized facility dedicated to techno-sports competitions. The facility is staffed by dedicated instructors so that even HADO beginners can enjoy the experience. The experience at the facility is by appointment only, and the exclusive instructors are equipped with instructional programs that will help you improve in the shortest amount of time possible, and with facilitation skills that will enliven the group.

HADO ARENA has set high standards for its development.

  • 10m x 6m court size, which is the standard size for international competitions.
  • Reception, changing rooms, lockers, and refreshment area
  • Merchandise sales area
  • Professional instructors on site
  • HADO Academy for children and adults
  • Plans are available for all ages and genders to enjoy HADO by themselves, with friends, family, or in a group.
  • Court rental available
  • Regularly hold tournaments and events tailored to the needs and level (strength) of each customer group.

Once you get used to the game, you can enjoy it not only with your friends but also at company events through your company!

HADO ARENA Tomishiro" is scheduled to open in April 2023!

HADO ARENA Tomigusuku, a facility dedicated to the AR sport HADO, is scheduled to open in April 2023 on the 5th floor of MEGA Don Quijote's Toyofujiro store. The official website for HADO ARENA Toyomi Castle is currently being prepared, so stay tuned for more information! For more information on HADO, please check the official HADO website or official Twitter (@hado_info ).

Store Outline
Store name HADO ARENA Tomigusuku
Address MEGA Don Quijote Tomigusuku 5th floor, 854-1 Onaga, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa
Business hours (tentative) Weekdays 13:00-22:00 / Weekends and holidays 10:00-22:00
Number of courts 2 courts


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