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Go! Captain Kinopio! "NintendoSwitch Trial" held

Go! Captain Kinopio!

Nintendo released the game on November 13, 2014 for Wii U and on July 13, 2018 for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. "Captain Kinopio."

It has been a year since its release, but it is still a popular title played by many fans.
First, check out the official introduction video to see what kind of game it is!

You can play the whole games!

The "All at once Trial" will be open to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and will also include the "Let's Go! Captain Kinopio" as many times as you want, for as long as you want, even until the end! It's so generous that it brings tears to my eyes...

Go! Captain Kinopio!

You can play "Captain Kinopio" as many times as you want and for as long as you want during this period! "Captain Kinopio" on the Nintendo Switch Nintendo eShop page, and you will be able to download it in advance and play it once the trial period is up.
The "All at once Trial" will run from Monday, August 5, 2019 at 12:00 to Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 18:00!
Don't forget to download in advance so you can play as much as possible.

We also have big sales!

"Go! Captain Kinopio" in the "All at once Trial" and you'll be anxious to see what happens next! I was too busy to complete the "All at once Trial"! For those who are too busy to complete the "All at once Trial", there will be a sale of the downloadable version of the game!
From August 5, 2019 (Monday) 12:00 to August 18, 2019 (Sunday) 23:59, "Go! Captain Kinopio" will be discounted 30% from 4,298 JPY (including tax) to 2,980 JPY (including tax)!
Additional contents are included in the "Captain Kinopio + Special Arrangement" package. Captain Kinopio + Special Edition Set" is available for 5,162 JPY (including tax) → 3,844 JPY (including tax), a 25% discount! The "All at once Trial" will be available for purchase at a discount of 25%!
The sale will continue until one week after the "All at once Trial" ends, but be careful not to forget to buy it!
The discount is also available to non-Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Support for VR

"Let's go! Captain Kinopio" is now compatible with VR mode using the Nintendo Labo VR Kit's VR goggles (Toy-Con) with an update on July 30!
I thought it would be fun to play the trolley in VR for sure.
Check out the official introduction video to see what it's like!

Take this opportunity to try the title that got Yoiko hooked!

The popular comedian "Yoiko" also played the game in "Yoiko's Kinopio de Gurugurusei" on the official Nintendo channel.
You can learn about the game with their light-hearted talk, or watch it after you've completed the game if you want to play it without spoilers!
There are three episodes in all, so it's well worth watching!

So, hold off your urge to play right away and wait until August 5!
Let's go! Captain Kinopio", please see "Go! Captain Kinopio" on the "Captain Kinopio" product page, and"All at once Trial" on the "Nintendo Release Page"!

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