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Let's enjoy overseas dramas with popular streamers! "Hulu x Mildom Collaboration Group Watch" is now available!

人気配信者と海外ドラマを楽しもう!「Hulu x Mildom コラボグループウォッチ」開催!

Mildom, a video distribution service provider, will hold the " Hulu x Mildom Collaboration Group Watch " from June 5, 2022 (Sunday) to June 11, 2022 (Saturday ), where you can enjoy foreign dramas with the distributors from your home, announced DouYu Inc. Japan announced the "Hulu x Mildom Collaboration Group Watch.

Watch foreign dramas with Mildom distributors!

From Sunday, June 5 to Saturday, June 11, 2022, popular Mildom distributors will watch Hulu productions.
Join them for "Day After Z," a beautiful zombie story from Russia, and "Poros: Ancient Indian Heroes," an out-of-the-box Indian drama!

Day After Z

 "Hulu x Mildom コラボグループウォッチ"キャンペーン特設サイト


A pharmaceutical company is developing a drug to perfect the human race.
However, a dangerous virus is accidentally spread throughout the city.
While many people are infected with the virus and dying, eleven quarantined young people wake up.
Why were they chosen and quarantined? Will they survive?

"Hulu x Mildom コラボグループウォッチ"キャンペーン特設サイト

Kashiwagi Berukura (Twitter: @ve1cra) (Mildom ID: 10137924 )

June 5 (Sun) 21:00 - Distribution begins

Kiu (Twitter: @kiu_ssg) (Mildom ID: 10000157 )

Thursday, June 9, 21:00 - Distribution begins

Stastami (Twitter: @hadeko41) (Mildom ID: 10828571 )

June 11 (Sat) 22:00 - Distribution begins

Boros - Ancient Indian Heroes

 "Hulu x Mildom コラボグループウォッチ"キャンペーン特設サイト


The story takes place in 350 B.C. in ancient India, which was called the "Golden Bird" at the height of its glory.
The hero, Poros, the son of a king, was forced to leave his homeland as a baby due to the wicked schemes of the Persians who wanted to subjugate India.
Unaware of his origins, Poros grew up as a member of a band of thieves, and although he was taught how to plunder, he became a proud man who respected his parents and valued their lives, making him unique among the thieves.
One day, a chance event leads him to once again step on the soil of his homeland...

"Hulu x Mildom コラボグループウォッチ"キャンペーン特設サイト

Jinguji Channel (Twitter: @jinguji777ch) (Mildom ID: 10189812 )

June 6 (Monday) 20:00 - Distribution begins

Meat Takeshi (Twitter: @ryukawamura) (Mildom ID: 10646170 )

June 10 (Fri) 22:00 - Distribution begins

Starting on Sunday, June 5!

" Hulu x Mildom Collaborative Group Watch " will run from Sunday, June 5, 2022 to Saturday, June 11, 2022!
Join us as we watch Hulu films with the distributors we care about!
Please note that the distribution dates and times will differ depending on the distributor.
If you are interested in the story, please check out the rest of the story on Hulu.
For more information about the "Hulu x Mildom Collaboration Group Watch," please visit the special website.


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