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Key Visual for TGS2023 Revealed!

Key Visual for TGS2023 Revealed!

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) released the key visual for Tokyo Game Show 2023(TGS2023) on May 18, 2023!
The illustrator くっか (@hamukukka) is in charge of creating the key visuals for TGS for the fourth year in a row.


Key Visual for TGS2023 Released!

TGS2023 メインビジュアル
TGS2023 Key Visual

The theme of TGS2023 is "Games in motion, the world in revolution."
The event will be held for four days from September 21 to 24, 2023, and a number of measures have been announced to bring back "those days," including the use of the entire Makuhari Messe hall for the first time in four years, the revival of the cosplay area, and a drastic relaxation of ticket sales limits.

This key visual will appear in various places in the future as a symbol of TGS2023.
The following is a comment from Kukka, who was in charge of the key visual.

I believe that games can be a way to relax and sometimes an escape from reality.
In keeping with this year's theme, I created a composition in which the characters in the game are reaching out to the real world, as if they are being drawn into the game world, and gave the illustration a lot of dynamism and movement.
I wanted to create a fun atmosphere, so I used a clear color scheme and sprinkled in explosions, effects, and other items that are typical of games.

Get the updates from the official TGS website and Twitter (@tokyo_game_show)!

TGS2023 メインビジュアル(縦)
TGS2023 Key Visual(vertical)
High quality cosplayers! Featuring beautiful cosplayers seen at the Tokyo Game Show 2022!
High quality cosplayers! Featuring beautiful cosplayers seen at the Tokyo Game Show 2022!...

TGS2022 was not open to the public due to COVID-19, but even so, many official cosplayers gathered at the company booths and had a blast!

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