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NatsumeAtari announced the Shadow of the Ninja remake production

NatsumeAtari announced the Shadow of the Ninja remake production

NatsumeAtari, a company specializing in game, amusement machine, and gaming business planning, development, and operation, has announced that they are working on the production of a remake version of Shadow of the Ninja(闇の仕事人 KAGE), which was originally released in 1990. They have also revealed their participation in Tokyo Game Show 2023 (TGS2023), scheduled to take place from September 21 to 24, 2023.

Announcement of the Remake Shadow Of The Ninja!

NatsumeAtari has announced the production of a remake for the 1990 game Shadow Of The Ninja, along with the release of its first trailer. In 2022, NatsumeAtari remade Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, and this will mark the fourth installment of ENGO PROJECT's 16-bit style remakes.


Originally released as 闇の仕事人 KAGE in Japan and BLUE SHADOW in Europe, Shadow Of The Ninja garnered attention for its exceptional quality and 2-player cooperative gameplay. After a gap of 33 years, the game is making a triumphant return as an entirely new installment. The remake of Shadow Of The Ninja retains its side-scrolling ninja action and 16-bit style pixel art, allowing for simultaneous 2-player play. Additionally, the beloved characters "ハヤテ" (Hayate) and "カエデ" (Kaede) are reintroduced as playable characters.


The sound team features Mr. Iku Mizutani, who was also involved in the creation of the original version of Shadow Of The Ninja. Furthermore, Dynamicpro (ダイナミックプロ) is in charge of the key visuals and character illustrations, as in the original rendition. As the original version becomes progressively challenging to experience, you'll have the opportunity to rekindle the exhilaration of the original.

Shadow Of The Ninja is scheduled for release in spring 2024. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. Expect more updates in the future, so be sure to follow the official Tengo Project X (@TENGO_PROJECT) and visit the dedicated website for the newest information!

NatsumeAtari Announces Participation in TGS 2023! Playable Demos at Booth

NatsumeAtari has confirmed their presence at TGS 2023. Furthermore, the newly unveiled remake, Shadow Of The Ninja, will be open for playable demos at their booth! Positioned within the Indie Game section, NatsumeAtari's booth is a must-visit during your time at TGS. To gather more information about TGS2023 and their booth, kindly refer to the official TGS2023 website.

Name Shadow of the Ninja (闇の仕事人KAGE)
Platforms Nintendo Switch/PlayStation4/PlayStation5/Xbox Series X|S/Steam
Genre Super Realism Ninja Action
Release Date Spring 2024
Price TBD
Number of Players 1 to 2 people
Languages Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
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