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【Sad News】PlayStation Plus raises prices

【Sad News】PlayStation Plus raises prices

"PlayStation Plus" is a monthly subscription service that offers a variety of benefits, such as network multiplayer, competitive gaming, free play, and exclusive rewards.
The shocking news is that PlayStation Plus will be going up in price!

To be honest, it's a big price increase!

PlayStation Plus 値上げ
PS Store before the price increase

Until now, 1 month subscription was 514 JPY (tax included), 3 month subscription was 1,337 JPY (tax included), and 12 month subscription was 5,143 JPY (tax included), but starting August 1, 2019, the prices will be revised!

Current price New price after Thursday, August 1, 2019
1 month subscription 514 JPY (tax included) 850 JPY (tax included)
3-month subscription 1,337 JPY (tax included) 2,150 JPY (tax included)

The price has gone up by about 60%! To be frank, I feel it is expensive!
I think the price increase is inevitable considering the maintenance of the service and server, but I can't hide my confusion because of the big increase...

What about 12-month subscription?

In the announcement, the price increase is only for 1-month and 3-month subscriptions.
When I checked the website to see what would happen to the important 12-month subscription, I found the following: "*The price of the 12-month subscription" will remain unchanged from the current price. The price of the 12-month subscription will remain unchanged from the current price.
The 12-month subscription will remain at the current price of 5,143 JPY (tax included)! That's our SONY!
It has always been more economical to purchase a 12-month subscription, but with the new price

1 month subscription 850 JPY x 12 = 10,200 JPY
3 month subscription 2,150 JPY x 4 = 8,600 JPY

Therefore, the 12-month subscription of 5,134 JPY is a great deal!

Be careful if you have auto-renewal!

PS Plus自動更新
Automatic Renewal Cancellation Page

If you have set your subscription to auto-renew, be careful! If you can afford it, change it to a 12-month subscription at the following site or on the console.

Price revision is August 1

The price of the PlayStation Plus subscription will be revised on Thursday, August 1, 2019.
Subscriptions renewed before the price revision until Wednesday, July 31 will be available for the duration of the term even after August 1.
With such a big price difference, I feel that the 12-month subscription right will be the only choice.

For more details, please check "Notice of Price Revision for PlayStation®Plus Subscription Rights".

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