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HyperGryph, known for the Arc Knights, announces the new RPG "Ex Astris" for smartphones!

アークナイツで知られるHyperGryphがスマホ向け新作RPG「エクス アストリス」を発表!

Hypergryph, the developer of " Ark Knights," a tower defense RPG for smartphones from Yostar, has announced the development of " Ex Ast ris," the first new RPG for smartphones that can be purchased separately.

What is "Ex Astris"?

"Ex-Astris" takes place in space and the alien civilizations that exist there.
The main character of the game is a researcher from Earth who is sent to an alien planet to gather information, and during his mission he meets and travels with people from other planets.

"Ride through the storms, run through eternity.
When the sun announces the end of the night, the amidst stardust is far away.
Have a good journey, travelers yet to be seen! "

エクス アストリス公式Twitter

What is the game scenario?

The game will be a road movie, basically a travel story. The main character, a researcher from Earth, traverses a planet with friends he met on another planet, and the story of his journey unfolds in multiple chapters.

What is the game system like at this stage?

The current prototype is a battle system based on turn-based battles and incorporating real-time operations.
As such, players can perform just-guard counters even during turn-based battles.
Players can also select their character's skills, and depending on their skill set, they can perform a series of attacks such as chasing and knocking down an enemy who floats in the air.
Players will be able to enjoy fighting with various combinations of skills, depending on their creativity and ingenuity.

What elements will be added in future development?

エクス アストリス
"エクス アストリス"公式サイト

Since the game has just been announced, we are still in the basic system development stage.
Therefore, we are making adjustments to the playability of the game, such as adding items, monsters, and scenarios related to stage exploration, and improving the operability of battles.
In addition, they are also thinking of adding new game systems such as a character development system that is not a straight path, cooking, and alchemy.

Yostar's "Ark Knights" was a very challenging game that received high praise.
This game has just been announced, so we don't know what kind of game it will be, but we have very high expectations for it.
Please check out the official website and Twitter to see what is going on!


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