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"OPENREC.tv"starts in-app collabs "Dragon Quest Rivals"


CyberZ, Inc. has started a collaboration with Square Enix's popular smartphone TCG "Dragon Quest Rivals" on its game video distribution platform "OPENREC.tv".

What is "Dragon Quest Rivals"?

Dragon Quest Rivals

Dragon Quest Rivals" is a popular digital TCG developed by Tose Corporation, a Kyoto-based game production company involved in numerous Dragon Quest-related projects, and distributed by Square Enix.
The game features popular characters, monsters, magic, and items from the series, and players engage in battles.

One of the attractions of "Dragon Quest Rivals" is that each character is voiced by a popular voice actor, whereas in the original Draconquest series, characters were generally not voiced.

For more information, please visit the official Dragon Quest Rivals website.

Easy Game Video Distribution

"OPENREC.tv" is now linked to the "Dragon Quest Rivals" app, allowing users to start video distribution within "Dragon Quest Rivals" without the need to prepare a separate distribution environment.
Since it is possible to simultaneously stream audio using the smartphone's microphone, you can not only play videos, but also stream the actual situation.

The distribution procedure is simple, so even inexperienced game distributors can easily distribute their games.
Please refer to the following image for the procedure.

Distribution Procedure from Smartphones
How to distribute from a smartphone

Campaign for distributors

OPENREC distribution and viewing campaign

The 8th card pack "Get rich quick! Casino Paradise" will be released on August 22, and an "OPENREC Distribution & Viewing Campaign" will be held in conjunction with the release.

During the campaign, those who stream the game on "OPENREC.tv" will receive "Tiny Medals", an item that can be used in the game, and a ticket for the 8th card pack "Get Rich! Casino Paradise" and a gift card worth 1,500 JPY will be given away by lottery.

Whether you are a regular game distributor or an inexperienced one, why not take this opportunity to distribute your "Dragon Quest Rivals" videos on "OPENREC.tv"?

Outline of the "OPENREC Distribution and Viewing Campaign"
Campaign Period Thursday, August 22, 2019 12:00pm - Wednesday, September 4, 2019 23:59pm
Present contents 1. 10 "Tiny Medals" will be presented to everyone who has delivered a message for 15 minutes or more (*1)
2. 5 card pack tickets of the 8th card pack will be presented to all players who have distributed for more than 7 days (*2).
3. 10 winners will be selected by drawing from among those who commented on the distribution of "Dragon Quest Rivals" to receive a gift card worth 1,500 JPY.
(*1) Up to once a day for up to 5 days
(*2) For broadcasts of 15 minutes or more per day.
Presents will be given and sent out sequentially. All distribution will be completed by the end of September.
Conditions of Participation Inquiry ID" of "Dragon Quest Rivals" must be registered on the profile page of OPENREC.tv.
Inquiry ID" can be found on the title screen of the "Dragon Quest Rivals" application.
Please make sure to enter your "Inquiry ID" correctly.

Please refer to the image below for how to register your Inquiry ID.

How to register your Inquiry ID