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Delivery decided! SamuSpi's Free DLC Character"Hisame Shizumaru"

Delivery decided! SamuSpi's Free DLC Character

SNK's sword-fighting fighting game "SAMURAI SPIRITS" is currently on sale on PS4 and Xbox One.
With a Nintendo Switch version coming out in December and an arcade version scheduled to hit arcades nationwide in the fall, the game's momentum shows no signs of slowing down.
The distribution date for the additional DLC character "Hisame Shizumaru", which was recently announced as free of charge, has been set!

Hisame Shizumaru, a boy searching for his memories

A boy who travels around Hinomoto. He rarely draws his sword because he does not like conflicts. He has lost his memory and is looking for the couple who took care of him. If this boy were to draw a sword, you would see a demon in his skill.


CV by Makoto Koichi! This is a very popular character, and with the free distribution, there will be many players who will use him!


Just being able to play Shizumaru in this beautiful graphic in the age of 2025 is impressive, but the point is that you can see a glimpse of the Oni in the secret secrets of the game.

Currently, the only character whose personality changes to that of a chuunibyou is Yashamaru when he explodes in anger, but what happens when Shizumaru explodes in anger? Is it only during the secret depths?

I can't help but be curious, but since it's being delivered next week, we'll just have to hold off for a week!

Yashashizumaru or Shizyashamaru combination of Yashamaru and Shizumaru(?) You must also pay attention to the match-up between Yashashizumaru and Shizuyashamaru, who can't keep themselves in check!

The last boss of the story mode, Shizukagozen, has also lost control of himself, so don't miss the battle with Shizukagozen and the ending of the story mode!

If you've never played any of the past titles, check out the introductory trailer that's been released to see what the moves are like!

The release date is September 17!

"Hisame Shizumaru" will be released on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 and is free to download!
The delivery will take place right after the arcade version's location tests in six cities nationwide from September 12 to September 15!
Join the location tests to get a feel for the controls first, and then get your hands on the game on the day of delivery!

Released! Nintendo Switch ver. of
Released! Nintendo Switch ver. of "SAMURAI SPIRITS"...

Samurai Spirits for Nintendo Switch, which was previously only available on PS4 and Xbox One, has finally been set for release!