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Of course if the company and Shermie participate! ? KOF XV's new character trailer "Chris" released! And team announcement!

社とシェルミーが参戦するならもちろん!?KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「クリス」公開!そしてチーム発表!

SNK's latest title in the KOF series, " THE K ING OF FIGHTERS X V" (KOF XV), is scheduled for release within 2021.
This year, we have been releasing a trailer for a new character almost every week, but last week we took a break from KOF XV for a week to announce information on " Hibiki Takamine, " who will be participating in SAMURAI SPIRITS.
While looking forward to seeing what characters will join the game next, there were a few who said, "Since Sha and Shelmy are joining the game, there's no reason why that character can't join...".
That's what SNK fans are for! That's right!

On April 29, 2021 (Thursday, national holiday), a trailer for that character involved in Orochi will be released!

社が出るならもちろん出るよね!KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「シェルミー」公開!

Oh my God... he looks so strong... "Chris" is joining the game!

This time, a new character trailer has been released for Chris, a very important character in the KOF Orochi Arc, just like Shichihansha and Shelmy!
The "Seven Fixation Company," "Shelmy," and "Chris" make up one set, so there's no reason why they can't all be in the game!
Then, the team was announced at the beginning of the trailer! The three of us will be joining the " Orochi Team "!
To be honest, it's hard to imagine the three of them on a team with other characters in the story, so the announcement of the "Orochi Team" is understandable.

Orochi Team
SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

Chris " is a character who has gained great popularity among women because of his character and looks. He is a beautiful Swedish boy.
He is a vocalist in the band " C.Y.S." together with "Shichisakusha" and "Shelmy".
He is the vocalist of the band. His CV is played by Rui Yamazaki, who is well known as "Honey" who sells clothes and shoes at Ring Fit Adventure.

Chris is a character with speedy and tricky attacks from his small stature.
Her attacks are mainly blows, but rather than powerful blows, she uses her tricky moves to keep her opponents at her mercy and attack them with a large number of moves.
The "Chain Slide Touch" super special move has multiple hits, and the "Twister Drive" had an unpredictable trajectory in the MAX version, but from the trailer, it looks like the move is still there!


SNK公式サイト ニュースリリース

Orochi Team Campaign!

Along with the announcement of Chris' entry, it was also announced that the three members of the "Orochi Team" will be joining together as "Sha Nanasana," "Shelmy," and "Chris.
The campaign to commemorate the team's entry in KOF XV, which is held when the team is announced, will of course be held again this time!
Participants in the campaign will be entered into a drawing to win a very rare autograph from Keisuke Hamaoka, who plays the role of Shichisosha, Eirina Seto, who plays the role of Shelmy, and Rui Yamazaki, who plays the role of Chris!
To participate, simply follow the official SNK JAPAN Twitter (@SNKPofficial_jp ) and retweet the campaign tweet below!

The campaign closes on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, so retweet now!

And who will be the next character to join KOF XV? Who will the characters who have already been announced but whose teams have already been announced team up with?
Will the Orochi team that was announced this time become a thing?
There is a lot to wonder about, but we'll just have to wait and see! Let's wait for more information!


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69151社とシェルミーが参戦するならもちろん!?KOF XVの新キャラクタートレーラー「クリス」公開!そしてチーム発表!
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