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Kof XV's paid DLC "Team Pass 1" "Fury MotW Team" is now available!

KOF XVの有料DLC「Team Pass 1」の「餓狼MotWチーム」が配信開始!

The latest title in SNK's KOF series, " THE KING OF FIGHTERS X V" (hereinafter referred to as "KOF XV"), will be released on February 17, 2022 (Thursday), and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most exciting gaming game in the world today.
A month has passed since the release of the game, and you have probably narrowed down your favorite characters to about 10, and you have probably created at least three team composition patterns.
The interesting thing about KOF is that even if you have a character you are good at, the battlefield can change completely depending on the balance of your team members and their compatibility with the other team. It's so deep!

As of the pre-launch stage of KOF XV, a total of 4 teams and 12 characters will be available as paid DLC, including two "Team Pass 1" teams, the " Fatal Wolf MotW Team " and the " Southtown Team ". The "Team Pass 1" teams are "FATAL FURY MotW Team" and "Southtown Team.
Furthermore, "Hungry Wolf MotW Team" will be released in March 2022, and many have been expecting the release date to be announced by now.
On March 17, 2022 (Thursday), the last day of March, the team story of "FATAL FURY MotW Team" was revealed on the official website, and the latest patch Ver. 1.11 including balance adjustment was released, so we were expecting it to be released soon . quot;FATAL FURYLAND MOTW TEAM" has suddenly been released!

KOF XVの有料DLC「Team Pass 1」で参戦する2チームが公開!配信時期も発表!


The "FATAL RANG MotW Team" of KOX XV's paid DLC "Team Pass 1 " has been available for download since March 17, 2022 (Thursday)!
The team consists of " Rock Howard ", " Kibatou", and " B. Jenny " from the classic fighting game " FATAL FURY MARK OF THE WOLVES ".
SNK fans are probably familiar with these characters, and saiganak.com introduced them when the "FATAL FURY FURY MOTW TEAM" was announced, so we'll skip the character descriptions, but the KOF XV game director has commented on each character! But here's what the KOF XV game director had to say about each of the characters!

Rock Howard

ロック・ハワード ゲームディレクターコメント
Rock Howard, Game Director Comments
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

He is a standard type of speed character with flying, invincible and rushing moves.
A new move, the overhead kick, has been added in this title.
The weak and strong overhead kicks can be used as a link-up, while the EX can be used for combos as it can be followed up after a hit.

The performance of the Rage Run has also been significantly changed so that each button after the command input can be used to derive an additional move.
By mastering each of these derivatives, the attack can be executed more quickly than before.

In addition to the existing Deadly Rave Neo, Deadly Rave EXT has been added to Climax.
When an EXT is hit, some of Rock's normal special moves and super special moves (*) are enhanced during the round.
For example, Retsufuken will increase the LV of flying weapons and can be used to chase down a target.
Please take a look at it.

Rage Fist, Hard Edge, Rage Run Derived Dunk, Rage Run Derived Hard Edge, Vacuum Throw, Raging Storm, 2 types of Climax

SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

Fang Sword

牙刀 ゲームディレクターコメント
Fang Sword Game Director's Comment
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

This is a close-combat type power character that has a number of strong-judgment normal moves and moves that can break down opponents.
Many of his normal moves are excellent, and his jump d and jump blowup are easy to use in the air, making them effective for approaching.
On the ground, his flex d is easy to use because it has excellent reach and attack power, and it can be canceled, so it can be canceled into fangs or back fangs to sway the opponent.
The far c also has a strong judgment and can be canceled, so it can be easily canceled into a shin fang.

Also, you can use Fubi and Urafubi for tricky attacks.
The derivatives of Fubi are easy to use, such as Koga, a flying tool, for checking, and Yubi, a mid-stage technique, for breaking up.
The derivatives of Urafugi can be used to break up an opponent who tends to freeze up because Mukasa is a command throw.
You can play with your opponent by using these derivatives.

Also, the Thunder Fang, which was absent in previous KOF 11 games, is back!
The weak and EX versions are invincible and can be used for anti-airing, etc. The strong version is not invincible but can break the first stage on hit or guard.
When it hits, the opponent floats and can be followed up with a strong version of Shinka, etc., making it an excellent combo part, so please give it a try!

SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

B. Jenny

B.ジェニー ゲームディレクターコメント
B. Jenny, Game Director Comments
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

The character is a bit tricky to play around with because of her high performance special moves.
The "Halia Bee", a thrusting move that can be launched from mid-air, is particularly unique.
It can be derived up to four times with an additional input, and has a high return on hit and is difficult to counterattack if stopped midway when guarding.
The normal version cannot be performed from a backward jump, but the EX version can be performed from any jump, making it easier to taunt the opponent.

Apart from Harrier Bee, there are other powerful special moves such as Baffles (a flying move), Gulf Tomahawk (a rushing move), and Crazy Ivan (a combo move).
Only the strong version of Di Hind can be braked, which makes it difficult to counterattack when guarded and allows for follow-up attacks when hit, so it can be used in conjunction with other moves.

Climax is a self-striking attack, so it is performed in time with the opponent's attack.
When canceling a Special Move or Super Special Move, the first move changes to a blow, so it can be used as a combo.

SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

I'm sure there are not many people who have a feeling of what they are talking about. Then you should try it!

KOF XV DLC Characters "Hungry Wolf MotW Team" is now available in the stores of each platform! The price is 1,870 yen (tax included).
The "Team Pass 1", which includes the "Southtown Team" scheduled for release in May 2022, is priced at 3,300 yen (tax included), and you'll probably end up buying the "Southtown Team" anyway. You will probably buy "Southtown Team" anyway, so please consider "quot;Team Pass 1".
In conjunction with the distribution of the "Hungry Wolf MotW Team", the official KOF XV website has also released character pages for "Rock Howard", "Fang Sword", and "B. Jenny", so be sure to check them out as well! Check it out!

The annual "color paper present campaign" is now underway!

To celebrate the release of the "FATAL WOLF MotW Team", a campaign to commemorate the entry of the FATAL WOLF MotW Team has been started on the official Twitter!
This is a campaign that has been held every time a team has been announced.

FATAL FATAL WOLF MotW Team Entry Commemoration Campaign
SNK JAPAN公式Twitter

One person who participates in the campaign will be selected by drawing to receive an autograph from each of Yushin Yamaguchi (Fangtou) ,Yuma Uchida (Rock Howard) , andMikako Komatsu (B. Jenny)!
To participate, simply follow SNK JAPAN official Twitter(@SNKPofficial_jp ) and retweet the following campaign tweet!
The deadline is March 30, 2022 (Wed. ), so retweet now!

Once you've applied for the campaign, you can start playing KOF XV with the "FATAL RANGER MOTW TEAM" characters!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

69151KOF XVの有料DLC「Team Pass 1」の「餓狼MotWチーム」が配信開始!
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