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"Lineage M" will be updated on October 23! Halloween event held!


On October 23, from 4:30 to 7:00, a scheduled maintenance update of " Lineage M " was carried out!
This time, the Halloween event will start as last year. Halloween events in games are already a staple of the fall season.
In addition, at the fan meetings "Gathering of Guardian Knights" held on September 15 and September 21, a lot of information was disclosed by the management and users' requests were exchanged.
The "Dragon's Blessing (tentative name)," a subscription-based billing system, was announced at the fan meeting...?

The implementation of the "Einhasad's Blessing" subscription system has been postponed to the 30th.

"リネージュM" 1023アップデート
"Lineage M".

The implementation of "Dragon's Blessing", a subscription system for "Einhasad's Blessing", which increases the amount of experience and "Adena", the in-game currency, gained from hunting depending on the number of "Blessings" you have, was scheduled for October 23 at the scheduled maintenance. However, this will not be implemented at this time. The system will be implemented again on October 30 at the scheduled maintenance.
However, to compensate for this, "Einhasad's Blessing" x1,000 will be distributed every day until the introduction of the fixed price system. This is a great chance to play more carefully during this period and get "Einhasad's Blessing" in addition to the daily log-in events!

New Events

"リネージュM" 1023アップデート
Halloween Event!

Halloween Project" Event! (until November 6)

  • Halloween dungeon "The land where evil spirits dwell" is now available!
    The special dungeon "Land of the Abandoned" has been changed for Halloween only!
  • Addition of "Halloween Weapon Strengthening Scroll Boxes" and "Halloween Armor Strengthening Scroll Boxes"!
    Scrolls of equipment reinforcement exclusively for related event equipment items can be obtained.
  • Adena required for "Shining Weapon Strengthening Scroll Box" and "Shining Armor Strengthening Scroll Box" will be reduced to half price!
  • Halloween Einhard's Blessing Box (Event)" has been added as a reward for success in the ordeal dungeon.
    By using this box, you can randomly obtain an item that gives you a certain amount of "Einhasad's Blessing".
  • Heroic Transformation "Jack Lantern" experience when entering World Boss!
    The "Jack Lantern" hero transformation, which can be used outside of World Boss entries, can be obtained from the "Halloween Pumpkin Box" described below.
  • Giran village and some characters changed to Halloween designs

Halloween event equipment items can be obtained from the "Pumpkin Bag," which is given away after 12:00 p.m. every day.

By strengthening these items beyond a certain level, you will be able to obtain items that can be used even after the event ends.

The road to the target enhancement value is very tough, but we encourage you to try to complete it.

With an announcement like this, it's time for players who are skilled enough to work their way up to it!

Halloween Pumpkin Boxes" now on sale

Halloween Pumpkin Box

Halloween Pumpkin Boxes" are boxes that offer 10 "Halloween Amber", the event currency, as well as a variety of items with a chance of being acquired.
There are 11-piece packages and 11-piece packages including 1 "Kakashi [Transformation Card]".
Halloween Amber" can be exchanged for various items through "Halloween Merchants" and "Halloween Special Merchants" in various locations.
For example, by exchanging "Halloween Amber" through the "Halloween Merchant", you can obtain any type of event weapon randomly appearing from the "Pumpkin Bag".
Basically, high grade items are exchanged for "Halloween Amber" through the "Halloween Special Merchant".
Items that can be exchanged with the "Halloween Special Merchant" can also be exchanged on the production screen.

"Pandora's Relic Box (Gunter)" updated (until October 30)

Pandora's Relic Box (Gunter)" is an item that can be used for various purposes, such as production and equipment items.
In this update, the "Heroic Grade Magic Transformation Card Box," which gives you either "Kerenis" or "Zo," and the "Heroic Movement Transformation Card Box," which gives you either "Beres" or "Baphomet" are also available. The "Heroic Transformation Card Box", which offers either "Beres" or "Baphomet", has been added as a limited-quantity production item on the server.

Pandora's Pickup Package" updated (until November 6)

  • Diamonds x 1,000
  • A +6 high-grade weapon and +3 armor for each profession
  • 6 "Roomtis earring exchange coupons" (until October 23) → 6 "Snapper's ring exchange coupons" (from October 23 )
  • 5 "Scroll of armor enhancement (engraved)

The update has changed the trinket exchange coupons from 6 "Roomtis earring exchange coupons" to 6 "Snapper's ring exchange coupons".
In addition, the contents of various rare transformation pickup boxes have been updated.

Pandora's Supply Package" updated (until October 30)

Purchasing an item four times will give you an alternative to the Rare Grade Armor Making Secrets.

  • Diamonds x 320
  • Roomtis earring exchange ticket" x 2 (until October 23) -> "Snapper's ring exchange ticket" x 2 (from October 23 )
  • 25 "Harpeth's Persistence
  • Pandora's mark (armor)" x 1

The replacement for the trinkets has also been changed from two "Roomtis Earring Replacement Coupons" to two "Snapper's Ring Replacement Coupons".

Ongoing Events

Super Otherworldly N.C.5] Episode 2 "Otherworldly Suit Warriors" (until October 30)

A special event dungeon "Crack in the N Dimension" will appear.
By diving into this limited-time dungeon and defeating the monsters, you can obtain "Kelipsha's Scroll of Transformation," which corresponds to each of the five colors of heroes.
The "Crack in the N Dimension" is a special dungeon that reduces the consumption of "Einhasad's Blessing" by 20%, and the "Dragon's Spirit" can be obtained by combining the daily quest "Assisting in the Extermination of Demons" and the drop item "Faded Demon's Spirit". The dungeon is also an easy place to obtain "Einhasad's Blessing," which can be used to obtain additional items for "Einhasad's Blessing" such as "Dragon's Diamond" by combining the daily quest "Support for Demon Extermination" and the drop item "Faded Demon Spirit.
The story of the event and campaign is also available on the event details page, with the second story being told in this event. The next and final story will be released on October 30!

Daily Login Event "Attendance Reward" (until December 4)

Log in every day to receive "Einhasad's Blessing," "Scroll Box for Shining Weapon/Armor Enhancement," "Olim's Diary," and other various gacha tickets and exchange coupons.
Attendance rewards can be received once a day per account by connecting to the game as the character who wants to receive the reward and selecting "Attendance" in the menu.

Challenge Package" (until October 30)

1,200 diamonds for 11 gachas of the Transformation Gacha and Magic Doll Gacha, reduced to 1,000 diamonds!
Eleven gacha tickets of various types are sold as a set with one of the four types of "Blessed Weapon/Armor Strengthening Scroll (Imprint)" and "Cursed Weapon/Armor Strengthening Scroll (Imprint)".
In addition, if you obtain 4 cards of the same grade of transformation or magic doll, you can obtain a card of one higher grade by combining them.

Events that will end

Commemorative Event for "Major Update of Trial Dungeon

This event was held in conjunction with the major update on October 16.
The period during which the "Dragon's Sapphire Box (event)", which offers double rewards in the Trial Dungeon and the "Einhasad's Blessing", was available has come to an end.

Enjoy the Halloween Event!

リネージュM 1023アップデート
Lineage M

With the update of various maps and items, the atmosphere of Halloween is about to come out at once.
Not only the appearance, but also the opportunities to obtain "Einhasad's Blessing" will increase not only through daily bonuses, but also through the special dungeon "Crack in the N dimension" and the implementation of the "Dragon's Blessing (tentative name)," which is a subscription system to make up for the postponement of the implementation of the "Dragon's Blessing". This is a great time to play, so let's go for it!
For more information, please visit the official " Lineage M " website!


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