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SUPER PEOPLE will begin its Final Beta Test on August 17! 2,000 partner streamers worldwide also gathered!

SUPER PEOPLE will begin its Final Beta Test on August 17! 2,000 partner streamers worldwide also gathered!

Battle Royale games have become a worldwide phenomenon since the launch of "PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" in March 2017.
While there are many FPS/TPS games such as "Fortnite" and "Apex Legends," action battleroys such as "Fall Guys" have also become popular.
While the number of various batrois increased, "SUPER PEOPLE", a super-powered batrois that suddenly appeared in July 2021, attracted a lot of attention.
More than 10,000 players participated in the last closed beta test, making it a new and highly anticipated game.
The Final beta test of "SUPER PEOPLE" will be held on August 17, 2022 (Wednesday)!
The promotion page has been released and we have announced that we have received 2,000 partner streamer applications from all over the world!

The Final Beta Test will be held on Wednesday, August 17!

Reflecting the previous beta test, the weapon upgrade system and farming system have been improved to reduce user frustration!
The game UI has also been made more intuitive, a "training area" has been added in response to requests, and a new class "Titan" that uses a powerful and huge shield has been implemented, all waiting for you, the super soldier players!
The schedule for the final beta test will be announced at a later date, so if you are interested in new content information, please check the "SUPER PEOPLE" Steam page and the official website.

SP partners are also being recruited!


From July 5, 2022 (Wed.) to July 20, 2022 (Wed.), we are recruiting SP partners to become SUPER PEOPLE authorized streamers!
So far, more than 2,000 players have applied to become SP partners, which shows that the potential of "SUPER PEOPLE" has been highly evaluated.
SP partner applications are limited to video contributors and distributors, but once certified, SP partners will receive various in-game items, support, opportunities to interact with developers and participate in events, etc. as SP partner benefits. If you are interested in becoming an SP partner, please check the SP Partner Recruitment page.

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