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MC is New York, narration is Sakurazaka 46 and Minami Koike! 10 groups to challenge the vertical sukumanga production reality show "TOON GATE" have been decided!

MCはニューヨーク、ナレーションには櫻坂46・小池美波!縦スクマンガ制作リアリティショー「TOON GATE」に挑戦する10組が決定!

TOON GATE " is a contest project jointly sponsored by Shogakukan, Bandai and BANDAI SPIRITS.
Ten teams of challengers selected from the general public will team up with a professional production team to compete for the grand prix in the reality show "TOON GATE," which will be distributed on YouTube and ABEMA.
Ten challeng ers have been selected to compete for the grand prix in "TOON GATE"!
On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, a live broadcast will be held with the comedian New York as MC, introducing the appeal of the challengers and the highlights of the show.

TOON GATE," a reality show about the production of vertical manga

Steps to Grand Prix

From December to January 2021, we held a call for entries from the general public and received 500 submissions from people who dreamed of " making manga " and " giving shape to their ideas.
We are pleased to announce the information on the 10 pairs of challengers who were selected from among those 500 entries.
The title, synopsis, and characters of the works have been revealed.

Challenger's works
  • ayapii: A graphic designer and a temp worker, working at two jobs while aiming for a manga series!
  • Yamato Hansuke: A high school student who boasts a high level of storytelling and writing ability is also competing!
Challenger's work
  • Curry Slice: A junior high school girl aims for the top with her unique story!
  • Sakuju Koizumi: Female manga artist captivates readers with her unique worldview!
Challenger's work
  • Sayako: The youngest fifth grader! Challenging adults with her unique character designs and stories!
  • Shizune: A 40-something salaryman who has been working for an IT company for 13 years decides to take on the challenge of creating manga!
Challenger's work
  • Shino Nayuko: A long-distance manga love duo that charms readers with their professional and adorable drawings!
  • Tada T ada: Readers are captivated by their unique drawing style. Their eerie yet captivating worldview is a must-see!
Works of the Challenger
  • Volvoz: "Don't stop the camera! The original author of "Don't Stop the Camera" draws a new story!
  • Yotsuba Tato: A professional manga author takes on the challenge of creating a vertical scrolling manga!

The challengers range from a 5th grader to a 40-something businessman, an active manga artist, and the "Don't Stop the Camera! The challengers range from a 5th grader to a 40-something businessman, an active manga artist, and the original author of " Don't Stop the Camera! The subjects also varied from person to person.
The subjects also varied from high school students to rabbits, anthropomorphic computers, and straw dolls!
The winner of the Grand Prix will receive 3 million yen in prize money and a guaranteed placement in LINE Manga!


Announcement video release!

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at 8:00 p.m., a live streaming will be held to introduce the appeal of the challengers and the highlights of the program, as the first distribution!
Two comedians from New York will serve as MCs, and Sakurazaka 46's Minami Koike will narrate the program!

"TOON GATE" will also welcome other supporters, including Kagaya (@kagayahirai ), Yusa Komiya (@box_komiyaarisa), and Matsuki_Rina (@Matsuki_Rina), as well as 10 teams of challengers and a professional production team. We will see how the 10 challengers and the professional production team work as a team to create a manga.

TOON GATE" will be broadcast on the YouTube channel " TOON GATE [Official] Vertical Manga Production Reality Show " and ABEMA!
For more information about the show, please check the "TOON GATE" special site and the official Twitter account (@_TOONGATE )!

Program Outline
Broadcast schedule YouTube: Every Tuesday and Friday at 8:00 p.m.
ABEMA: Friday, July 15, Friday, July 22 and Friday, July 29 at 9:00 p.m.
Cast MC: New York
Supporters: Kagaya Soya, Yusa Komiya, Kirina Matsurina
Narration by Minami Koike (Sakurazaka 46)
Schedule #1 Tuesday, June 28: Live streaming by MC New York
#2 July 1 (Fri): 2nd GATE 1
#3 July 5 (Tue): 2ndGATE 2
#4 July 8 (Fri): 2ndGATE-3
#5 Tuesday, July 12: 3rd GATE 1
#6 July 15 (Fri): 3rd GATE 2
#7 Tuesday, July 19: FINAL GATE 1
#8 Friday, July 22: FINAL GATE 2
#9 Tuesday, July 26: Special Voice Actor Content
#10 Friday, July 29: Grand Prix Announcement Live Streaming (ABEMA)

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