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PlayStation VR-only software "Marvel Iron Man VR" whose release date has not been decided will be released on July 3!

発売日が未定になっていたPlayStation VR専用ソフト「マーベルアイアンマン VR」が7月3日にリリース決定!

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the release date for the PlayStation VR exclusive " Marvel Iron Man VR " has been set for Friday, July 3, 2020.
The last time the company announced a release delay, it was due to the aftermath of the new coronavirus that has affected both production and sales, making it difficult to deliver the game experience that users have come to expect by the release date, but now it is finally available.
More information will be announced in the future, so we look forward to hearing more.

What is Marvel Iron Man VR?

This title allows players to put on the PS VR headset and take on the role of the popular hero "Iron Man," fly freely using the Repulsor Jet, and experience action-packed battles with the villains of the past.
In addition, a new nemesis, " Ghost," makes his appearance in this title! Don the Iron Man suit and stop Ghost from doing his evil deeds.

The Story

Tony Stark has retired from weapons manufacturing to focus on developing technology to fight evil as Iron Man. A few years after becoming a global superhero, he is attacked by the mysterious "Ghost," a hacker and anti-corporationist who uses Stark Industries' weapons. In an attempt to destroy Stark Industries, Ghost attacks Stark branches all over the world, leading to a one-on-one battle.

マーベルアイアンマン VR公式サイト

Game Contents

This title allows players to use two PlayStation Move units to freely fly around like the Iron Man that fans have come to expect from the series.
Since you actually move your body to control the game, you can have a highly satisfying experience as if you were really Iron Man.

Chasing a plane during a crash
マーベルアイアンマン VR公式サイト
You can also enjoy the view
マーベルアイアンマン VR公式サイト

The HUD displayed in front of the face and the high-tech weapons are the most famous features of Iron Man. The HUD, weapon controls, and effects are faithfully reproduced in this title, and since the game is played with the PS VR headset, it feels as if the various HUDs are really displayed right in front of your nose.

A powerful combat experience
マーベルアイアンマン VR公式サイト

Elsewhere in Tony Stark's garage, you can customize your Iron Man suit and skills! Admire the Iron Man suit up close and personalize it to your liking.

Product Information
Developed by Camouflaj
Released by (Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Release Date July 3, 2020
Price Undecided
Genre Action/Adventure
Required equipment PS VR, 2 PS Move

The game will be released on July 3, 2020! Let's look forward to it!

The release date of this game, which had been postponed, has been officially announced, so let's look forward to its release. More information will be announced in the future, so please check the official Marvel Iron Man VR website.
Also, the Marvel Iron Man VR official website has released a "Marvel Iron Man VR" production trailer and armor design movie, so if you are interested, take a look.
Watching the movies will make you look forward to the release date even more!


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