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"Collapse 3rd" is on the gear circuit! Rita & Durandal Color's Lotus Elise runs in macau GP!


Chinese game company miHoYo, which recently released " Genshin Impact " in Japan, is cooperating with professional racing team Z-Challenger PRP on " Collapse 3rd " to participate in the "Greater Bay Area GT Cup" race held at the Macau Grand Prix. The team will compete in the " Greater Bay Area GT Cup " race at the Macau Grand Prix.
A Lotus Elise wrapped in the colors of " Rita Rossweise " and " Durandal " from "Collapse 3rd" raced in the race.

Elise from Collapse 3rd won the race.

The Macau Grand Prix, a world-famous street race, was held in Hong Kong from Friday, November 20, 2020 to Sunday, November 22, 2020.
Two Lotus Elises, one in red with the image of "Rita Rosweise" and the other in blue with the image of "Durandal," competed in this race event.
The drivers were Mok Tsz Wang and Mok Tsz Nok, who finished 1-2. They won the championship.
A Nissan Skyline (R34) wrapped in the Collapse 3rd logo was also entered in the drifting event .
For more information, please visit the Honkai Impact 3 Official Site.


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