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Wild Update Implementation Commemoration! "Minecraft POP UP STORE" will be held from July 22 (Fri)! Let's get the purchase privilege "Array Parker"!

ワイルドアップデート実装記念!7月22日(金)より「Minecraft POP UP STORE」が開催!購入特典「アレイパーカー」をゲットしよう!

In June 2022, the wild update of the popular sandbox game " Minecraft " was released with much fanfare.
The Wild Update has been the talk of the town with the addition of new biomes, mobs, blocks, and many other new elements!
To celebrate the Wild Update of Minecraft, a " Minecraft POP UP STORE " will be held from Friday, July 22, 2022!

Minecraftの大型アプデ「The Wild Update」が6月8日に配信開始!新バイオームの「ディープダーク」、アイテム収集を手伝う友好的なモブ「アレイ」などが登場!

Minecraft POP UP STORE" will be held from Friday, July 22!


Minecraft POP UP STORE" will be held from Friday, July 22, 2022!
A wide range of products from stationery to lunch goods will be sold at bookstores and electronics retailers nationwide.

"Minecraft POP UP STORE"特設ページ

These are just a few of the items introduced here!
There are plenty of other goods that make the most of the Minecraft worldview!
Please check the "Minecraft POP UP STORE" special page for the item lineup and information on retailers.

Purchase of 2,200 yen (including tax) or more and receive a free gift!


A special campaign will also be held where you can get a purchase bonus for every 2,200 yen (including tax) spent per account!
You will receive one of five different acrylic clips at random, as well as a card with a download code for the Alley Parker, which can be used in the game!
The Alley Hoodie is designed with the image of " Alley " added from the Wild Update, and you can enjoy pairing up with Alley by wearing it in the game!
If you're a Minecraft fan, you'll definitely want to get your hands on one of these!
The special offer is limited and will end as soon as it's gone, so be sure to purchase early!


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