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New TV commercial for "Momotetsu World" begins airing! Seiya Shimobori, Aki Miki, and Evelyn Mauri play together!


Less than two weeks before its release on November 16, 2023 (Thursday), " Momotaro Dentetsu World: The Earth revolves around hope! ~(Momotetsu World )," the latest title in the Momotetsu series, which has been developed for educational purposes as a wonderful game that allows players to learn the names of places and specialties of Japan just by playing it. A TV commercial filled with the charms of "Momotetsu World" will begin airing nationwide on November 2, 2023 (Thursday )! Seiya from Akiyoshi Shimobori, Aki from Miki, and Evelyn Mauri, a women's basketball player, all of whom play the Momotetsu series on a regular basis, appear in the TV commercial.

「桃太郎電鉄ワールド ~地球は希望でまわってる!~」DL版の予約が開始!TGS2023スペシャルステージもチェック!

A new TV commercial for Momotetsu World begins airing nationwide in Japan!

The stage is finally set for the world! A new TV commercial for "Momotetsu World," the newest title in Konami Digital Entertainment's classic board game series, has been airing nationwide in Japan since Thursday, November 2, 2023.

The TV commercial is...

  • Chikyu-map Hajimete no Buttobuki Arc
  • Sugoroku: 5 squares left
  • Evelyn's Blow Up Arc
  • The World is Fun
  • Seiya-san's Reversal Blowup
  • I've never seen Seiya like this

There are six types of commercials. All the commercials are available on the " KONAMI Official " YouTube channel.

Making of TV commercials and interview videos are also available.

A making-of and interview video featuring comedians Seiya Shimofuriseiyam (@simofuriseiyam ) and Aki Miki (@mikiasei ) and Evelyn Mawuli (@evelyn_mawuli ), a women's basketball player who helped win the first ever silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, playing "Momotetsu World" and looking like they are having a lot of fun. Momotetsu World" and an interview with Evelyn Mawuli (@evelyn_mawuli), a women's basketball player who won the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time in history. You can't help but want to watch the three of them as they play the game.

Seiya's comment

The commercial is set up as "playing at my house," but it really doesn't feel like work, and the three of us were able to enjoy it in a natural way. The god of poverty was turned into King Bomby, we were sent to some unexplored places, and Evelyn was really strong. I think it's a great game because you can learn geography while playing. I really want to communicate (play against each other) with these members when it is released.


Comment from Aki

The moment I heard that the three of us were going to shoot a commercial together, I knew it was going to be a fun recording. Today, Evelyn was there, which made the recording more relaxed, but if it had been just the two of us with Seiya, the atmosphere might have turned sour (laugh). (Laughs) If I have to play against Seiya in the future, I will use the "Buttobi-Card" and have Evelyn-chan come flying to me.


Comment from Evelyn Mauri

The two of them are very funny and it was a really fun shoot. We had to be very determined and use the "Explore Unexplored Region Card" to send Seiya to an unexplored region, and we had to attach King Bombee to each other, but it was a lot of fun, including these developments. I think one of the best things about this game is that you can learn about famous foods and tourist attractions around the world. I sometimes play with my basketball teammates, and I think the charm of the "Momotetsu" series is that it allows us to communicate with each other in a way that we normally can't, which strengthens the sense of unity in the team.


Momotetsu World" will be released on November 16!

Momotaro Dentetsuワールド ~地球は希望でまわってる!~
Momotaro Dentetsu World - The Earth revolves around hope

! ~


Momotetsu World", set in the world, will be released on November 16, 2023! If you have become too familiar with the geography of Japan, this latest title will help you become familiar with the countries and regions of the world as well!

Title Outline
Title Momotaro Dentetsu World - The Earth revolves around hope! ~Maker
Manufacturer KONAMI
Release Date November 16, 2023 (Thursday)
Genre Board Game
Number of players 1 to 4 players
Suggested Retail Price 6,930 yen (including tax)
Compatible consoles Nintendo Switch
Sales Region Japan


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