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Regional revitalization of hot spring resorts with NFT! Four companies announced the partnership of "Onsen Name" and NFT Marketplace "nanakusa" Stablecoin" $JPYC "Manepa" "MPS"!


SmartAppli, Inc., which operates the NFT marketplace "nanakusa", is a partner in the " Onsen musume" project supported by the Japan Tourism Agency, which aims to revitalize local hot spring resorts using NFTs. Ltd.", a company that issues "JPYC", a stable coin for Japanese yen, and "Money Partners Solutions "" a company that builds and supports information systems. ("MPS"), which builds and supports information systems.

What is the purpose of the alliance?

Japan Crypto Asset Market Corporation, Embound, SmartAppli, and MPS have formed an alliance to help break through the current situation of tourism and hot spring resorts that have been severely damaged by the new coronavirus (COVID-19). In order to break through the current situation, the four companies will promote local development utilizing NFT by leveraging the assets and know-how of each company.
The contents of the alliance are as follows

  • Utilization of "Onsen Musume" NFT to promote the attractiveness of hot spring resorts and create fans.
  • Attracting tourists and revitalizing local communities by utilizing the ERC20 prepayment method

The following is a summary of the project.

What is the "Onsen Musume" Project?


The "Onsen Musume" project creates two-dimensional characters based on motifs of hot spring resorts throughout Japan, and develops them in various media such as comics, novels, games, and music.
The company has been selected as one of the 20 Cool Japan Companies by the Cabinet Office, and its characters have been appointed as "Sightseeing Ambassadors" for eight locations in Japan and abroad, including Arima Onsen and Dogo Onsen.
Kobe City (Hyogo Prefecture) and Yonezawa City (Yamagata Prefecture) have become official city characters, and from June 2019, the project has been supported by the Japan Tourism Agency in recognition of their achievements.
In 2020, the campaign "YourJapan2020" was adopted and selected as one of Japan's representative inbound contents.

SmartAppli has accumulated knowledge and know-how in NFT and operates nanakusa, the first NFT marketplace in Japan.
MPS has been engaged in the construction and support of information systems and consulting, and the Japan Crypto Asset Market has been promoting the spread of stable coins and NFT based on blockchain technology.
Each of the four companies has its own strengths.

We cannot take our eyes off what kind of future these four companies will bring to tourism, hot spring resorts, and the NFT industry through their partnership.


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