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"Nintendo Live 2019" First day shortened. Day 2, on schedule


Nintendo Live 2019, which was recently officially announced as possibly cancelled, will be held on Sunday, October 13, the first day of the event, with reduced hours.

Doors open at 11:00 on the first day.

According to the current forecast of Typhoon No. 19, the area around Kyoto Prefecture, where the event will be held, is expected to move out of the storm zone around 9:00 a.m. on October 13.
As a result, the opening time for the first day of the event, Sunday, October 13, has been changed to 11:00 a.m. and the event will be held with reduced hours.
The second day, Monday, October 14 (national holiday), will be held as scheduled.

台風19号 進路予想(10月10日12時現在)
Typhoon No. 19 Path Forecast (as of 12:00, October 10)

The schedule of the event has been announced on Nintendo's official website.

There is still a possibility of cancellation

The Twitter account " Nintendo Live 2019 Information for Visitors " has announced that the event will be held with reduced hours at this stage, but if Typhoon No. 19 takes a different path than expected and the event is deemed difficult to hold, there is a possibility that the event will be canceled.
If the event is cancelled, an announcement will be made in the " Nintendo Live 2019 Information for Visitors.
The typhoon is quite powerful, so it is possible that the event may be difficult to hold due to damage from the typhoon in addition to the weather, so please be sure to check the situation and ensure your own safety.

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