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"King of Fighters R-2" Samurai Spirits on Nintendo Switch! 2" Delivery start!

Nintendo Switchで「キング・オブ・ファイターズ R-2」「サムライスピリッツ!2」配信開始!

Legendary " NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION " brings back the classic titles from the legendary "NEOGEO POCKET COLOR" hardware to the Nintendo Switch.
SNK GALS' FIGHTERS" has already been released, but on June 24, 2020, "NEW GAME+ EXPO" broadcasted " King of Fighters R-2 " and " SAMURAI SHODOWN! 2 " were announced at the "NEW GAME+ EXPO" broadcast on June 6, 2020, and SNK fans went crazy.
The two titles, scheduled for release this summer, will be available on August 6, 2020 (Thursday)!

あの傑作タイトルが蘇る!Nintendo Switch「NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION」発表!

Play these masterpiece titles with ease!


King of Fighters R-2" and "SAMURAI SHODOWN! 2" will both be available on Thursday, August 6, 2020! Both will be priced at 800 yen (tax included).
A single Nintendo Switch is all you need for table mode competitive play, and since both games are rated CERO A (all ages) for good kids, it might be fun to play them with children who were not born when the original versions were released.
2" is the same as the early purchase bonus for the Nintendo Switch version of "SAMURAI SPIRITS," so be careful not to buy more than one.
Not only these two games, but other Neo Geo Pocket Color masterpieces are scheduled to be released in the future, so look forward to seeing what new titles will be released in the future!
You can purchase the games from the My Nintendo Store, from " King of Fighters R-2 " and " SAMURAI SHODOWN! 2 ", or from the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch!
For more information on the "NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION", please visit the official website!


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"SNK GALS' FIGHTERS" is now available on Nintendo Switch!
"SNK GALS' FIGHTERS" is now available on Nintendo Switch!...

When a famous story of NEOJIOPOKETTOKARA "SNK GALS` FIGHTERS" was delivered on April 30, 2020, there was notice. Whether a platform is that it becomes