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Nintendo TOKYO will return to numbered tickets on weekdays from next week! There is no sales of Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo TOKYOが来週から平日は整理券に戻る!引き続きNintendo Switchの販売は無し!

Nintendo TOKYO has reopened on June 1, 2020, with reservations made in advance via the Internet.
Many people have been waiting for the reopening of Nintendo TOKYO, and I personally think it is a good idea, because you can go to Shibuya PARCO at the time of your reservation and you do not have to waste time.
Nintendo TOKYO has announced that from next Monday, June 8, it will return to accepting numbered tickets on weekdays.

Nintendo TOKYOが6月1日から遂に営業再開!当面はWEBでの事前予約制!

On weekends, it may become a web pre-reservation system?

From June 8, 2020 (Monday), weekdays will return to the previous system whereby numbered tickets are handed out to customers to enter the store.
Numbered tickets will be distributed at the " Shibuya PARCO 1F Spainzaka entrance" before the store opens, and at the "6F outside stairs entrance in front of the Mario statue" after the store opens.
On weekends, the current web-based pre-order system may be in effect, and we will be notified again by the day before.
Although it is still a good time to refrain from going out downtown, it would be nice to be able to drop by on a whim while running errands.

According to the previous announcement, the pre-order period will not be extended to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, including the limited editions such as "Atsumare Animal Crossing Set" at Nintendo TOKYO, and "Ring Fit However, please note that the "Ring Fit Adventure" will not be sold for the time being, even after June 8, when the web pre-order period is over.


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