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Pazdra achieves 59 million DL in Japan! Various commemorative events including the distribution of 159 magic stones are held!


Puzzle RPG " PUZZLE & DRAGONS" (a.k.a. Pazudora), operated by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.
A special event to commemorate this milestone will be held from Monday, May 16, 2022!

Commemorating the achievement of 59 million downloads! 159 magic stones distributed!

900万DL達成記念イベントPR TIMES

Gungho's " Puzzle & Dragons," a.k.a. " Pazdora," which celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 20, 2022 (Sunday), reached a total of 59 million downloads in Japan on April 23, 2022 (Saturday)!
To commemorate this milestone, a variety of events will be held, including 159 "magic stones" will be distributed! Various events will be held to commemorate this milestone, including the following!
In addition to various special dungeons with conditions and rewards associated with "59" such as the " 59 Million DL Commemorative Dungeon " and the " 59 Clear Challenge " where players can get a conditional clear reward, various special dungeons will also be available. There will also be special events to support those who have recently started playing Pazudora and those who have taken a break from the game for a while. If you have never played Pazudora before, why not take this opportunity to give it a try?

Log in during the period and receive 159 "magic stones"!

"魔法石"159個プレゼントPR TIMES

Just by logging in to "Pazudora" during the period, you will receive 159 magic stones from your in-game mail!

59 Million DL Commemorative Dungeon" will be distributed every day!

During the period, a special dungeon "59 Million DL Commemorative Dungeon", which can only be cleared once, will appear every day!
If you clear all the dungeons, you can get up to 21 magic stones!
You can also get monsters useful for training each period, so don't miss it!

Challenge to clear the dungeon with conditions! "59 Clear Challenge! Here comes the "59 Clear Challenge!

59クリアチャレンジ!PR TIMES

A special dungeon with many "Conditional Clear Rewards" is available only in 1-player mode . is now available!
You can get various rewards for completing the dungeon by fulfilling the conditions!
Some conditions are hidden, so let's challenge to get all the rewards!

Special Dungeon "59 Million DL Commemoration Rush! is now available!

A special dungeon "59 Million DL Commemorative Rush " is now available in one player mode only, where you can get "Petite Noel Dragon" and other rewards every time you clear the dungeon! is now available!
You can get " Event Medal [Rainbow] " as a reward for clearing each floor for the first time!
Also, during the same period, " Cooperation! 59 Million DL Memorial Rush! (only Ruin level)" will also appear during the same period, so be sure to give it a try!

There will also be many other special events!

消費スタミナ59PR TIMES
初心者応援!達成報酬イベント!PR TIMES

During this period, you can play the "Hell Fighting Arena" and other dungeons with only 59 stamina, get 100 magic stones for going through the tutorial, get 10 times the rank experience in the dungeons, and many other special events. Please check out the special site for more details!


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