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A New Character for KOF XV...? KROHNEN Is Now Available!

A New Character for KOF XV...? KROHNEN Is Now Available!

The Game Awards 2021, the world' s largest video game awards ceremony, is being held on December 10, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. JST.
At the time of writing, the event is still in progress, and a lot of new information has been announced.
Saiga NAK will keep you updated with the "Game of The Year" as well, so stay tuned!
Now that all the game makers have released new information, of course our very own SNK has released new information as well!

"The King of Fighters XV" (KOF XV) has announced a new character, and a brand new character at that! He is ・・・・, but he looks so familiar that SNK fans all over the world are baffled!

New Character "KROHNEN" (déjà vu)!

This time it's KOF XV's completely new character, KROHNEN, coming into the game!
It's supposed to be "brand new", but from the trailer, the hostility towards Kyo Kusanagi, the blue hair, the special moves... I feel like I've seen these actions somewhere before... back in 2001 or so.

Her bangs are long and he's not a Dekosuke, so it's possible he could be someone else, so let's look forward to more news!
The voice actor is KENN, who has played a major role in a number of anime! Not only is he a voice actor, but he also acts and sings, making him a man of many talents!

Since KROHNEN is a completely new character, we don't know what kind of performance he'll have, but maybe using the NESTS team from KOF 2001, the final chapter of the NESTS series, will help you prepare.

Angel, who joined the game last time, also appears in KOF 2001, and it's also the final part of the K' story, so play it!

KOF 2001 is available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch at the My Nintendo Store, and it's also included on the NEOGEO mini!



2nd Open Beta Test Coming Soon!

KOF XV 2nd Open Beta Test
KOF XV 2nd Open Beta Test

As announced in the KROHNEN introductory trailer, the second KOF XV Open Beta test is coming up!
As before, the event will be held on PS4 and PS5, and will be cross-generation compatible, so those who are not PS Plus subscribers can also enjoy the game.
There are offline Versus, Training, and Tutorial modes, as well as online Casual Match and Room Match, making it possible to play against rivals from all over the world!
And the available characters are completely different from the first edition!
Besides the newly announced "KROHNEN," there' s "ISLA," "MEITENKUN," "ANTONOV," "K'," "BLUE MARY," "RYO SAKAZAKI," and "TERRY BOGARD" available!
I can' t wait to play with the new character "ISLA" who will be the key to this game.

The 2nd Open Beta Test will be held from December 18, 2021 (Sat.) 12:00 to December 20, 2021 (Mon.) 23:59 JST for about 3 days!
Please note that those who have data from the previous Open Beta test need to install the latest patch to be distributed in the future.
Download it now from the PlayStation Store if you haven't already!

Three More Initial Characters!

KROHNEN becomes the 36th character to join KOF XV.
There are 39 characters in the first round, which means there are only 3 more to go, and with the surprise of KROHNEN, who looks familiar to me, I can' t help but have high hopes for the other THREE!
In addition, there are many characters whose teams have yet to be announced, so let's wait for more information to see what the final team will look like.
Before we know it, a year will have passed since the announcement of KOF XV in December 2020, and it will be almost two months until its release on February 17, 2021 (Thursday).
Prepare yourself for the KOF storm coming in 2022 with the Open Beta Test!
For more, check out the KOF XV official website!

69151A New Character for KOF XV...? KROHNEN Is Now Available!
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