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Weekly Shonen Jump Publisher Shueisha Breaks Into the Game Industry! SHUEISHA GAMES Starts!

Weekly Shonen Jump Publisher Shueisha Breaks Into the Game Industry! SHUEISHA GAMES Starts!

The manga magazine popular with all ages and genders in Japan must be Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump.
Countless Jump titles have been made into games. However, most of them have been produced with game studios rather than Shueisha itself.
But now, Shueisha has announced that they established Shueisha Games! It means Shueisha breaks into the GAME industry officially!

Shueisha Games, the game company created by Shueisha

Shueisha Games is a new game company that crosses the boundaries between the publishing and game industries.
Combining the ability of the publishing industry to find and nurture new talent with the power of the game industry to develop and release new games, the company will challenge creating new games that have yet to be seen and promote them around the world.
The official website and official Twitter (@SHUEISHA_GAMES) are now available with the announcement.
We would like to introduce to you the game titles by Shueisha Games!


Break your enemy's heart to reclaim your pride.
Kuuta, a demon, once challenged a man to a battle and was defeated.
At last, he arrives at Kisejima Island. He and his partner Kazemaru, whom he met on the island, overcome their ordeal as one, gaining new strength along the way.
This time, will the duo be able to achieve victory?
Join Kuuta on his adventure to get revenge against Momotaro, a demon masquerading as a man.



The Japanese cyberpunk adventure
The Japanese cyberpunk virtual world "UKIYO" is bustling with avatars today. However, there is a small anomaly; all the friends in the game have become residents of the game world. In order to return to the real world, Kai, a samurai cat, travels through the virtual space with his.


The Tower -To the Bottom-

Beyond the world’s end
there lies a tower with no end
In that tower there lived people
All of them, children.

Atop the tower-top, arm-in-arm,
They survived together.

I believe in the rumours…
I believe that at the bottom of this tower, a paradise awaits…


Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

Damien is an extremely creative and imaginative teenager born in a binational French-Japanese family. Damien’s personal world shatters when his parents tell him that they decided to leave France to go live in Japan, a country he mostly knows about from all the manga he reads.
Damien will have to call upon his superhero persona, Captain Velvet Meteor, to cope with the anxiety of being in a completely new place.
He will face his fears and grow up through the power of his imagination by calling upon his favorite Jump+ characters to help him on his quest to escape a mysterious planet and an unknown monster army.
Please keep in touch for the release!


New Title Coming Soon!

New Title Coming Soon
New Title Coming Soon

There are not only the titles introduced above, but several new titles are being ready for launch!
Keep checking the official website and Twitter(@ShueishaGamesJP & @SHUEISHA_GAMES) for updates!

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Mr. Oda also said, "Is it a movie!!!?" "Amazing ONE PIECE series 25th anniv...

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