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Sony PlayStation 5 Set to Launch Holiday of 2020

Sony PlayStation 5 Set to Launch Holiday of 2020

After all we've gotten are rumors during the past year about Sony's new system, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Jim Ryan took to the PlayStation Blog to inform fans of the plans to release the PlayStation 5 during Holiday 2020.

Name and Release Date

As if it wasn't going to be enough of an obvious fact with the past systems, this new PlayStation will of course keep with tradition and will be called the PlayStation 5.
Although the name isn't necessarily such a big deal, CEO Jim Ryan did seem to be relieved to finally get to be able to say it, but the real question on everyone's mind is really the hardware.

The PlayStation 5 will be available during Holiday 2020, giving us time to save up those coins to go all out and stand in line in the freezing weather for a whole week.
Of course, until then, we'll be giving you all the newest information as it comes out, so stay tuned!

On Board SSD and a Powerful CPU and GPU

AMD Ryzen/Navi
AMD Ryzen & Navi
Saiga NAK

Of course, information at this point is still limited about the PS5, but WIRED has provided fans with an interview, giving some details about the CPU and GPU that will make is into the PS5.
Both the CPU and GPU will be based off of AMD's Ryzen and Navi families, respectively, but will of course be customized especially for the PS5.
And of course, in order to keep up with the times, the PS5 will sport an SSD as opposed to the HDD that were in the PS3 and PS4.
This will definitely be something that users will be excited about, as many users no doubt purchase an external SSD drive to save their data on. SSDs are also notoriously faster, along with having more efficiency with data storage.

The use of an SSD would mean that developers can either build bigger games or streamline current titles to go faster. Unlike the current way we are forced to save all data from a game (even though we may not use it all), the new system will allow players to choose to keep only the parts of the game they use on a regular basis. For example, if you're more of a single-player type, you can delete the multiplayer campaign to save space.

Shying away from the "all digital" movement as of late, the PS5 will also have a disc drive. Hard copies of games will come as 100GB optical discs, and the disc drive will support 4K Blu-Ray discs as well.

The New Controller

PS Controllers
PlayStation Crontrollers
Saiga NAK

And of course, with a new system comes with a new controller with new features, with two of those new features being the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
The adaptive trigger feature will reportedly allow developers to set levels of resistance to the triggers to allow for a more realistic feel depending on what they're using the triggers for: guns, bows, you name it. This will no doubt allow for a more real and immersive experience into games.

Haptic feedback will also bring new experiences to games that have never been seen before. These new haptics will allow in-game situations to feel like the player is in them, simulating feelings such as driving on dirt, wading through mud, or even swimming through water.

According to the WIRED report, there was a small hole open on the prototype controller.
It wasn't talked about much and it's thought that the hole may be for a mic that will control a voice-driven AI, but not many details were diverged. And who knows, it may not even be on the final model.

What's Next?

PS Blog

We got a decent amount of info about the PS5 this time around, but there's still so much we don't know. Lead Architect Mark Cerney even stated, "like other companies, some patents wind up in the final product, some don't," so there's no way to say that everything we know now is final. All we can do now is wait, and hope for a peek at the new system and look forward to more from Sony (hopefully at E3).
Stay tuned to Saiga NAK for more info!

Check the PlayStation Blog for Jim Ryan's official post.

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