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GW is PS! "GAME WEEK SALE 2020" is being held at THE PS Store!

GWはPS三昧!PS Storeで「GAME WEEK SALE 2020」開催中!

The second "SPRING SALE" is currently underway at the PlayStation Store, where you can get great deals on classic titles, but the "SPRING SALE" will end on April 28th.
For those of you who have already completed all the games you want to play before the GW, or those of you who spend a lot of time at home, the speed at which you complete games has increased! GAME WEEK SALE 2020" is now available!
For gamers, GW is not Golden Week, but Game Week, right?

第2弾も名作目白押し!PS Storeで最大80%オフの「SPRING SALE」第2弾開催!

Over 800 titles are on sale!

GAME WEEK SALE 2020" has over 800 titles on sale, including full-length games and DLC!
The hottest titles are also on sale, so I'd like to introduce a few recommended titles based on my own prejudice!

The Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle

13th Air Defense Forces (Defence)
PlayStation Store

A sci-fi dramatic adventure by Vanillaware x Atlus.
Released in November 2019, this masterpiece was acclaimed by all quarters as a great work, and it's a title that can't be missed when discussing recent games!
The author has already played it, and highly recommends this title!
"The Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle " is 25% off from 9,878 yen to 7,408 yen!
The "Thirteen Soldiers Defense Circle Premium Edition ", which includes a digital reference collection, original theme and avatar, is also available for 25% off, from 13,178 yen to 9,883 yen!


Yakuza7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness

Yakuza7 光と闇の行方
Yakuza7 Where Light and Darkness Go
PlayStation Store

The latest title in the "Yakuza" series was just released in January this year!
When it was announced that the game would be reborn as an RPG, there was some controversy, but when it was finally released, it was very well received, as expected from Yakuza Studio!
Let's go through the new stage of "Isezaki Ijinmachi, Yokohama" as the new hero "Kasuga Ichiban"!
Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness " is now 30% off from 9,229 yen to 6,460 yen!
And until May 6th, the additional content pack " Yakuza7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness Premium Master's Pack " is only 7 yen, so be sure to get it as well!

お値段なんと7円!「龍が如く7 光と闇の行方」の新DLC「プレミアム・マスターズパック」発売決定!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn
PlayStation Store

Monster Hunter: World " was added to the PS Plus free-to-play service until April 21, and it became a hot topic of conversation.
If you have fallen in love with MonHun, you must play through to the huge expansion "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn "!
New stories, new fields, and new monsters await you!
Monster Hunter World: Iceborn" is 40% off from 4,888 yen to 2,930 yen!
Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Deluxe Kit " with DLC is 5,907 yen → 3,830 yen, 35% off!
Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone Master Edition ", which includes "Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone" and "Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone", is 7,119 yen, 4,620 yen and 35% off! Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone Master Edition
Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master Edition Digital Deluxe ", which includes "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master Edition" and DLC, will be available for 35% off from 8,138 yen to 5,280 yen!
Be careful not to buy more than one of these items, as there are so many different ones!

PS Plusのフリープレイに「モンスターハンター:ワールド」緊急追加!「MHW:アイスボーン」は40%OFFセール!


PlayStation Store

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE " was released on April 10, 2020 and is a worldwide hit.
If you can't wait until the next game is released to play the story, why not play the original version?
If you purchase the downloadable version for PS4, you won 't have to replace the disc, so you can comfortably play through to the end!
" FINAL FANTASY VII " is 50% off from 1,834 yen to 917 yen!

驚愕の7枚組越え!「ファイナルファンタジーVII リメイク」オリジナル・サウンドトラックの特典画像&一部楽曲視聴を公式サイトにて公開!

PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription

PlayStation Plus 12ヶ月利用権
PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription
PlayStation Store

To play online games such as the aforementioned "Monster Hunter World: Iceborn," you need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.
MonHun is one of the most exciting games, especially when you go hunting with your friends, so if you are not a subscriber, why not take this opportunity to join?
This time, only those who have not yet subscribed to PlayStation Plus will be able to purchase a 12-month subscription at a bargain price!
There are a lot of great benefits including online play and free play, so why not consider it?
PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription is 25% off from 5,143 yen to 3,850 yen for non-subscribers only!

PlayStation Now 12-month subscription Special Price

PlayStation Now 12ヶ月利用権 Special Price
PlayStation Now 12-month subscription Special Price
PlayStation Store

Xbox Game Pass, Xbox's subscription-based unlimited game playing service, is now available in Japan, and PlayStation has its own subscription-based service, PlayStation Now!
In October 2019, 1-month and 3-month subscriptions will be available at affordable prices, and the number of subscribers is increasing, but for those who have not yet subscribed, 12-month subscriptions will be available at a special price!
With big titles like "Marvel's Spider-Man" and "SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER" available for a limited time, as well as unlimited play on many other classic titles, this is the perfect time to get in on the action! It's perfect for when you have more time to play games!
" PlayStation Now 12-month Subscription Special Price " is only available for non-subscribers and is 25% off the regular price of 6,980 yen, which is 5,235 yen!

消費税増税したのに大幅値下げ!「PlayStation Now」がサービス内容を変更!

Sale ends April 28th!

GAME WEEK SALE 2020" will be held from Friday, April 24, 2020 to Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 23:59!
In addition to the titles introduced here, there are many other great titles on sale, so I'm sure you'll be buying more than you can finish even after GW is over!
I highly recommend "13th Airborne Defense Circle"!
Please check the PlayStation Store "GAME WEEK SALE 2020" special page for the sale titles!


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