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Capsule Energy Charge "PUSH+" announces unlimited sponsorship of small online game competitions!


Innovative capsule-type energy charge, "PUSH+".
PUSH+ ", the highly acclaimed energy capsule that contains 200mg of domestically produced natural caffeine in a single capsule with zero calories, has announced unlimited sponsorship of small online gaming competitions!


PUSH+ will not turn down sponsorship of gaming tournaments by providing products.

PUSH+ will not refuse sponsorship in the form of product donations to small-scale online game tournaments to be held within the fiscal year 2020.
The gaming industry has been severely damaged by the spread of the new coronavirus, which has resulted in the cancellation of numerous events, and PUSH+ has decided to do something about it.
I think it's amazing that they could make such a drastic announcement! That's what "PUSH+" is all about!
PUSH+ " does not originally sell to people under 15 years of age, so the operator must make sure that it is not offered to anyone under 15 years of age. If you agree to this, please follow the official Twitter account of "PUSH+" and contact us via DM.
Please note that if there is a problem with the operation of the competition, we may decline the offer even in the middle of a conversation!
The period is from now May 2020 to the end of March 2021!

"PUSH+" Comments

The damage to the Japanese economy has been immeasurable due to the spread of the corona outbreak.

It has also caused great damage to the gaming industry. The impact has been immeasurable, including the cancellation of large-scale offline events and offline conventions.

During this period of restraint, we at "PUSH" continued to ask ourselves, "Is there anything we can do to support the gaming industry? We are offering a proposal to support the gaming industry as much as we can.

We will not refuse any sponsorship in the form of product donations to small online gaming competitions that will be held during this year.

We would like to support the event organizers and tournament organizers who support the industry.
We would be happy if you could use our products as a prize, not necessarily as a first prize, but as an extra prize such as a fighting spirit prize or a prize for the most kills.
カプセル型エナジーチャージ"PUSH+ " 小規模オンラインゲーム大会の無制限協賛を発表


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