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Pre-open! "ROCKET e-café",a café and esports complex


"ROCKET e-cafe", a complex facility with a cafe and e-sports facilities in Akihabara, Tokyo, has been pre-opening since May 3, 2019.

Three fully equipped areas

ROCKET e-cafe
ROCKET e-cafe
ROCKET e-cafe公式サイト

"ROCKET e-cafe" is divided into three areas: a 20-seat e-sports area, an area where you can play gun shooting games and PONG, and a 70-seat cafe area with manga, magazines, and Wi-Fi access.
When customers arrive at the store, they can choose which area they would like to use at the reception counter on the second floor of the store.

e-Sports area with permanent PCs

ROCKET e-cafe eスポーツエリア
ROCKET e-cafe e-sports area
ROCKET e-cafe公式サイト

The e-sports area on the second floor of the store is permanently equipped with 20 of MSI's latest gaming PCs, and is the perfect place to play "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)," "Leage of Legends," "Rainbow Six Siege," and "Apex Legends.
A stage is also set up for competitions and events.
To use the e-sports area, members must first register as members, and will be charged a facility usage fee of 278 yen (tax not included) on weekdays and 324 yen (tax not included) on weekends and holidays.
A separate fee is required when using a PC.

Game fee (prepaid charge system) *Tax not included
1 hour 360 JPY
3 hours 1,000 JPY
6 hours 1,700 JPY
10 hours 2,650 JPY

Membership registration can be done via the "LeTiMa2" playing time deposit system from PCs and smartphones.
ID is required for the first visit.

Fully-stocked café area

ROCKET e-cafe カフェエリア
ROCKET e-cafe Cafe Area
ROCKET e-cafe公式サイト

The café area on the 3rd floor has 70 seats and offers free drinks, free Wi-Fi, and a large selection of manga and magazines.
Fees vary between weekdays and weekends/holidays, but are reasonably priced, making it easy to use during unexpected free time.

Café charges (weekdays)*Tax not included
30 minutes 200 JPY
Every 10 min. 55 JPY
1 hour 365 JPY
3 hour pack 690 JPY
6 hour pack 980 JPY
9 hour pack 1,330 JPY
Café charges (weekends and holidays)*Tax not included
30 minutes 200 JPY
Every 10 min. 65 JPY
1 hour 395 JPY
3 hour pack 790 JPY
6 hour pack 1,280 JPY
9-hour pack 1,630 JPY

Easy access to the latest environment

To play the latest PC game titles comfortably, a PC with appropriate specifications is necessary, but the price is inevitably high, and the hurdle to playing is high.
ROCKET e-cafe, where you can use a high-spec PC at a reasonable price, will be a place for such players to relax.

For more information, please visit the official ROCKET e-cafe website.

Store name: ROCKET e-cafe (e-sports & Cafe)
Address: 2F & 3F, 1-4-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-3257-0005
*e-sports membership required: ID required on first visit