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SAMURAI SPIRITS Season Pass 3 Information Ban! The first additional character is "Cham Chum"!

SAMURAI SPIRITSシーズンパス3情報解禁!第1弾追加キャラクターは「チャムチャム」に!

At the " First Official Reveal: KOF XV & SAMURAI SPIRITS " released on January 8, 2021 (Fri.) at 11:00 a.m., SNK announced the entry of "Hibiki Takamine " from Gekka no Kenji .
Many people were wondering which character would join the game, and when they heard "Hibiki Takamine", they were a little satisfied.
In addition to "Hibiki Takamine," there was another character introduced in the trailer, wasn't there?
The first character to join the SAMURAI SPIRITS Season Pass 3, " Cham Cham," has been announced!

The popular character is now ready to join the game!

Cham Ch am" is the sister of "Tam Tam" who first appeared in "Shin SAMURAI SHODOWN: Haohmaru Jigoken" and has appeared in SAMURAI SPIRITS.
In past titles, she was a brash character with sharp claws and a huge boomerang called " Yok Mok Mok Mok," but how will she be used in this title?
I heard that the character is designed to be played in a way not seen in the past, so I can't wait to try it out.
Cham Cham" is a popular character that has been requested by many fans, and now he has made his long-awaited appearance!
I'm very happy to see Cham Cham, as he was one of my favorite characters back in the days of Shin Sam!
The first additional character for Season Pass 3, "Cham Cham", is scheduled to be released in mid-March 2021!
The update will also include overall battle adjustments and a new Guard Crush, which will make battles even more exciting!
Let's look forward to it!


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