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"miime" provided by Coincheck Technologies, "ESTATE" on the metaverse of "The Sandbox" will be on sale from February 9

コインチェックテクノロジーズが提供する「miime」2月9日より「The Sandbox」のメタバース上の土地「ESTATE」を販売

Coincheck Technologies, Inc. announces the sale of 11 limited edition " ESTATE (NFT) " land on the metaverse of the blockchain game " The Sandbox " on the NFT marketplace " miime " provided by Coincheck Technologies, Inc. The Sandbox" meta-verse of the blockchain game "The Sandbox" will be available in a limited edition of 11 units starting February 9, 2022.



ESTATE" is a necessary item to start the game "The Sandbox", and is a large parcel of land (1*1) connected to each other.
The "ESTATE" sold at " miime " this time is located in the area around " Oasis TOKYO ", which is produced by Coincheck and "The Sandbox".


Outline of sales at miime


Land on The Sandbox (1*1) was previously sold on " Coincheck NFT Beta ", a beta version of Coincheck's NFT marketplace, but this time, ESTATE (3*3/ 6*6), a larger parcel, will be sold.

While LAND is a single independent parcel of land, ESTATE is a large parcel of land consisting of 3 or 6 connected parcels, which allows for more versatility in terms of playing homebrew games in the game or renting it out at events.

ESTATE Sales Outline
Sales start date and time February 9, 2022 18:00
Size (S) 3*3
Size (M) 6*6
Sales quantity (S) 8 pcs
Sales quantity (M) 3 pieces (total 11 pieces)
Selling price (S) 17.5 - 26.2 ETH
(2.0 - 3.0 ETH per LAND)
Selling price (M) 46.6 to 96.9 ETH
(1.3 - 2.0 ETH per LAND)
Exhibit Type Bundle
List of Estates for sale (S) 132,-171 / 132,-174 / 135,-174
144,-177 / 144,-180 / 147,-177 / 156,-186 / 156,-186
156,-186 / 159,-183
Estate Listings for Sale (M) 120,-192 / 156,-192 / 162,-168

About the maintenance of miime

In preparation for the sale of "ESTATE", miime will be undergoing maintenance from 12:00 to 18:00 on February 9, 2022. During the maintenance period, all miime functions and services will be temporarily unavailable.
For more information, please check the NFT Marketplace miime orTwitter!


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