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"Astro City Mini" recording title 3rd announcement! The contents of all 36 titles are revealed!


Astro City Mini ", one of the products commemorating Sega's 60th anniversary, to be released on December 17, 2020 (Thursday).
The game will include a total of 36 titles, of which 23 are currently announced.
The remaining titles are also of interest, including "Virtua Fighter" and the first port of "Dark Edge.
The third title has just been announced! All of the titles have been revealed!

The 13 additional titles include some of Sega's most iconic games!

Of the titles included in "Astro City Mini," 23 titles have been revealed so far.
The total of 36 titles will be included in the Astro City Mini, and now the remaining 13 titles have been announced!

Thunder Force AC

Thunder Force AC

The "Empire of Orn" is trying to conquer the universe.
Pilot the high-mobility fighter "Stux" and restore peace to the galaxy.
Pilot the high-mobility fighter "Stux" and restore peace to the galaxy!

Arabian Fight

Arabian Fight

Four warriors fight against an evil demon king!
Fantastic super action with a variety of magic!
Fantastic super action!

Sonic Boom!

Sonic Boom

Scramble! Restore freedom to the world!
Enemy planes are coming! Make your super shot!

Youth Scandal

Youth Scandal

Oh, my God!
Takeshi's girlfriend, Mari-chan.
Mari, Takeshi's girlfriend, has been kidnapped. Save Mari!

Quartet 2

Quartet 2

Four space warriors
Quartet" is a group action game
A 2-player version of "Quartet

Puyopuyo Dori

Puyopuyo Dori

The second installment of the popular series!
The new "Offset" system has been added to the game.
The new "Offsetting" system and other new features make the fun of playing against Puyopuyo even more powerful!

Scramble Spirits

Scramble Spirits

Change formations!
Breathtaking battles!
High visual defense wars!



Speed freak!
Pioneer of the landscape!
Unbeatable racing!

Stack Columns

Stack Columns

The new "Stack Chip" element has been added to the game.
You can now raise your opponents to the next level! You can change the effect of magic stones by erasing them
The effect changes depending on how you erase the magic stone!



The debut title of Flicky, who also appears in Sonic
debut work.
Dodge Nyan Nyan and bring back Piyo Piyo!
and bring back Piyo Piyo!

Ninja Princess

Ninja Princess

The Princess Kurumi's path is blocked by a group of Puma Ninjas!
Use shurikens and ninjutsu to take back Kantenjo!

Alex Kid with Stella The Lost Stars

アレックスキッド with ステラ ザ・ロスト・スターズ
Alex Kid with Stella The Lost Stars

Collect Miracle Balls to create the 12 constellations of the zodiac!
Light the way! There are many obstacles in your path.
There are many challenges and unexpected tricks awaiting you on your way.

Space Harrier

Space Harrier

Enter the Fantasy Zone.
The legendary super spectacular fantasy
Shooting game!

From the 3D fighting game pioneer " Virtua Fighter " to Sega's arcade masterpiece "Space Harrier," a total of 36 titles are now available!
This year's announcement included familiar titles like " Puyopuyo Dori," rare titles like " Arabian Fight," which was ported for the first time, and vertical shooters " Sonic Boom " and "Scramble Spirits," which are rare among Sega's games. Scramble Spirits " are also available.
Speaking of shooters, continuous firing of buttons is very important.
Astro City Mini is actually equipped with a rapid-fire function, and you can use it in the following titles!

  • Space Harrier
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Quartet 2
  • Sonic Boom
  • Scramble Spirits
  • Wonder Boy III Monster Lair
  • Thunder Force AC
  • Cotton
  • Alien Syndrome

It's simply too hard without continuous fire, and it would really help to not have to worry about breaking buttons by firing too many times in a row!

Astro City Mini Arcade Stick on the way!

The Astro City Mini comes with a display and controller so that you can just power the unit and play.
It is of course very attractive, but it is a bit small for serious play.
The video and audio can be output to a TV or monitor via HDMI, and the Astro City Mini Control Pad (sold separately) can be used for 2-player play on a large screen, but if you want to play arcade game titles, you will want to use an arcade controller.
The "Astro City Mini Arcade Stick " is now on sale to fulfill the wishes of such people!

アストロシティミニ アーケードスティック
Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

With a solid size of 350mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 240mm (D), you can experience the excitement of arcade games at home!
The parts are made by the reliable Sanwa Denshi, so it's easy to operate!
The "Astro Mini Arcade Stick" will be released on December 17, 2020 (Thursday ), the same day as the Astro City Mini, at a price of 12,800 yen (excluding tax )!

Play all the classic titles at home!

All 36 titles included in the Astro City Mini have been revealed, and now we are just waiting for its release.
Personally, I prefer to play arcade games with an arcade controller rather than a pad, so I am very happy about the "Astro Mini Arcade Stick"!
The Astro City Mini is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2020 (Thursday), so we have more than three months to wait.
The Mega Drive Mini had the surprise of adding Darius and Tetris, and I have a feeling that the Astro City Mini will have some surprises as well.
Because this year marks the 60th anniversary of SEGA's founding!
Let's hope for something and wait for the release date!
For more information, please visit the official Astro City Mini website!


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Sega "Astro City Mini" additional 13 titles announced and released date decided! Peripherals and original goods from each store are also announced!
Sega "Astro City Mini" additional 13 titles announced and released date decided!...

The "astro city mini" which miniaturized a released arcade steel case of Sega Enterprises "astro city" in July became the big topic of conve