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Post daily! Interviews with all 32 players participating in "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 Opening Round 1on1 Tournament"!

毎日投稿!「ストリートファイターリーグ: Pro-JP 2022 開幕戦 1on1トーナメント」に出場する全32名の選手にインタビュー!

Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 ", Japan's premier official Capcom team league for "Street Fighter V Champion Edition", will be held on August 27 (Sat.) and 28 (Sun.), 2022.
The "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022" will be held on August 27 (Sat.) and 28 (Sun.), 2022.

Posting every day! Interview videos with all 32 players

Interview with sako
CAPCOM eSports

Before the league begins on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, all 32 players who will participate in this season's tournament will clash in the opening round of the 1-on-1 tournament.
This is a very important battle from the start of the season, as league points plus prize money will be distributed to the winners, runners-up, and teams of the players who finish in a tie for third place in the tournament.
Interview videos with all the players on their enthusiasm for this tournament will be posted daily on CAPCOM eSports' Twitter (@CAPCOM_eSports )!
The first interview is with sako(@sakonoko), the team leader of last season's winning team " v6 plus FAV gaming "!

The scheduled release dates of the interview videos are as follows

  • 7/26(Tue) sako (v6 plus FAV gaming)
  • 7/27(Wed) Gachi-kun (Good 8 Squad)
  • 7/28(Thu) Nemo (Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto)
  • 7/29(Fri) Itabashi Zangief(Commufa DetonatioN)
  • 7/30 (Sat) Momochi(Shinobiism Gaming)
  • 7/31(Sun) Mago(Fish Club)
  • 8/1(Mon) Akira(Nagoya OJA BODY STAR)
  • 8/2(Tue) Storm Kubo (Hiroshima TEAM iXA)
  • 8/3(Wed) Chicken Meat (v6 plus FAV gaming)
  • 8/4(Thu) Dogura(Good 8 Squad)
  • 8/5(Fri) YHC-Mochi(Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto)
  • 8/6 (Sat) Uryo (Comufa DetonatioN)
  • 8/7 (Sun) Johnny(Shinobiism Gaming)
  • 8/8 (Mon) Moke (Uogun)
  • 8/9(Tue) Nari-kun(Nagoya OJA BODY STAR)
  • 8/10(Wed) Crusher(Hiroshima TEAM iXA)
  • 8/11(Thu) Bon-chan(v6 plus FAV gaming)
  • 8/12(Fri) Kawano(Good 8 Squad)
  • 8/13 (Sat) Shuto (Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto)
  • 8/14(Sun) John Takeuchi(Commufa DetonatioN)
  • 8/15(Mon) Yamaguchi(Shinobi-ism Gaming)
  • 8/16(Tue) Mizuha(Uogun)
  • 8/17(Wed) Fudo(Nagoya OJA BODY STAR)
  • 8/18 (Thu) Inaba (Hiroshima TEAM iXA)
  • 8/19 (Fri) Tokido(v6 plus FAV gaming)
  • 8/20 (Sat) Pugela(Good 8 Squad)
  • 8/21(Sun) HIGUCHI(Saishunkan Sol Kumamoto)
  • 8/22 (Mon) Nauman(Commufa DetonatioN)
  • 8/23(Tue) Fujimura (Shinobi-ism Gaming)
  • 8/24(Wed) Machabo(Uogun)
  • 8/25 (Thu) Gunfight (Hiroshima TEAM iXA)
  • 8/26 (Fri) Umehara (Nagoya OJA BODY STAR)

Tickets to watch the opening round are now on sale!

ストリートファイターリーグ: Pro-JP 2022 開幕戦 1on1トーナメントPR TIMES

The Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2022 Opening Round 1-on-1 Tournament will be streamed in its entirety on ZAIKO for a fee!
The partially edited footage of the tournament will be made available free of charge from December 17, 2022 (Sat) to December 18, 2022 (Sun), but if you can't wait until then! I can't wait until then!" and "I want to see it in real time! Please purchase tickets if you want to see the film in real time.

Ticket List

  • DAY1】8/27 advance viewing ticket ¥1,800
  • DAY2】8/28 advance viewing ticket ¥1,800
  • DAY1&2 Set] Advance Viewing Ticket ¥3,000
  • DAY1&2 Set] Limited archive viewing ticket ¥500 (on sale from September 3, 2022)


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

21474毎日投稿!「ストリートファイターリーグ: Pro-JP 2022 開幕戦 1on1トーナメント」に出場する全32名の選手にインタビュー!
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There is also the first female JeSU license obtained in the ranks! "Street Fighter V Champion Edition" 10 new JeSU certified professional license players announced!
There is also the first female JeSU license obtained in the ranks! "Street Fighter V ...

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